Saturday, 25 October 2014

Mystical Potions and Wolf drawing tutorial

Heya jammers! :D
Good morning/night/afternoon/evening! c:
The new item is the Mystical Potion set which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture. ^-^
I love how it has so many colors. Click the color thingy rapidly, then it looks like the potions are changing color. :P
There's also a "halloween" theme where the colors are every murky, and dark. ^-^
Also, it's the perfect size for the spooky table.
Well, except for a few millimeters short, other than that it's magic. c:
Moving on, we have the Trick-or-treat bucket in Jam-Mart clothing! ^-^
Wait . . is that . . 
Finally, a NEW nonmember item! :D
And . . is that a bunny? o-o 
It's a cute item, but the colors could have been way better. Some look very weird. xD
Anywho, here's the DE post! ^o^

Yes, that is true. Drawing wolves is pretty hard. xD
I think AJHQ should come up with a panda, tiger and an arctic wolf tutorial, what do you think? ^-^
Speaking of drawings, River Art needs more entries! To have your drawing to be shown on the blog, sent it by email to
Lastly, here's the fashion show!
Professor Jellymaster is out!
Vote a jammer out!
Bye for now! It's 1 AM for me now . . o.o
And i just feel a teeny tiny bit tired. wat.


  1. I vote out Precious snowy cat.

  2. Flora Quietcat

  3. i love the new items today :D

    i vote out fairy berrypaw.

  4. I vote out Fairy Berrypaw and I totally love the new candy basket!!!!!!!!!

  5. i vote out fairy berrypaw

  6. What are they dressing up as?

  7. I vote out precious snowycat the fashion show is coming to a close also what is the theme?

  8. I vote out precious snowy cat sorry

  9. I vote out precious snowy, also the candy basket candy colors should have been darker colors

  10. This blog is so cool i like it, I vote out precious snowy cat

  11. Sorry precious snowy ima have to vote out u, everybody did a great job on the fashion show

  12. precious snowy i'm just going to say......did you see that all the word they hifghlited was sketch jam sketch jam sketch jam?

  13. @Cloudclaws
    Please Cloudclaws, Princess Shymoon should win

    1. @Makou,
      We all have different ideas about who should win. Sadly, people voted out Princess Shymoon so there will be no animals coming back.

  14. I vote out Flora Quietcat.

  15. I vote out Snowflake Fireyfox, sorry and no hard feelings!

    Also sorry to all those nms that cant get a lot during Night of the *coughcough members* Phantoms!

  16. Hi everyone! We are a group of 5 people who have quit aj, and we are slowly giving away items and also selling them for deviantart currency, we have a claw giveaway going on right now on our page so please check us out!

  17. everybody is voting me out!!! DDDD: im toast

  18. does everyone like hate tigers or something?!?!?!


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