Monday, 27 October 2014

Spooky Tophat & New animals

Hello jammers! ^-^
The RIM is the Spooky Tophat, sold in the 11th page of Jam-Mart clothing. c:
Okay, wow. That is expensive. o-o
I think 600 gems would be a much better price, i don't feel like it's worth 975 gems which is nearly a thousand. o.O
But the colors? They are amazing C:
Actually, i think i can make a really cool costume with this. ^-^
*Randomly clicks buy button*
Yaaay! :D
This is now officially my *new* Night Of The Phantoms costume. :3
I keep changing costumes. xD
Here's the rating for the rare! c:
Price: 2/5
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 3/5
9 out of 25! Quite good, but still a bit more room for improvement!
Check below the link for more!
Well, i just found out i missed out on the Panda Diamond Challenge.
*flips a table*
But if you would like to read the DE post, click here! ^.^
Moving on, here's the Weekly Question!
We know that a new animal is coming to Jamaa, but is it an arctic fox, polar bear or something different? Will it be nonmember, member, or . . *shudders* In the diamond shop?
What do you think?
Lastly, here's the fashion show!
Juniper Shiverpelt is sadly out. 
5 jammers left remaining! Aren't you excited?
Vote a jammer out!
Bye for now c:


  1. i vote out snowflake fieryfox

  2. Flora Quietcat

  3. Umm, Cloudclaws? 5+5+5 is equal to 15, not 25.

  4. snowflake fieryfox

  5. I vote out Princess SkyMoon. Sorry!

  6. I vote out Snowflake Fieryfox

  7. I vote out Flora Quietcat. Sorry

  8. Hmm... I'll vote out:

    Princess Skymoon...

    Sorry, but you do have a nice costume. :3

    I can't wait for the new animal. It's probably a polar bear. But when we learn what the new animal looks like it looks like it's gonna be a large animal, meaning that AJHQ thinks that it should be worth diamonds but let's hope that this won't happen...

    1. Forgot to put my signature!


  9. I vote out.... Fairy Berrypaw! Sorry! And if that new animal is in the diamond shop, be prepared.... you never know what will come out me.... especially during Night of the Phantoms!

  10. I sadly vote out Princess skymoon, sorry!


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