Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Big Mysteries #6: Mysterious Symbols

You may or may not seen some symbols deep in the land of Jamaa, but ever wonder what they mean?
Lets start off with the Chamber Of Knowledge, or the Chamber of Mysteries as known in the beta days.
But before that, what is beta?
Simply, beta is the testing period of AJ that was back in 2010.
 Now this, is what the original Chamber of Knowledge was. Now zoom in . .
Check below the link for more!

Look carefully. Now onto today's Chamber Of Knowledge . . 
Same symbol (Except slightly oval) but colored in.
But why was it colored in later? Perhaps it was not finished yet? Perhaps Peck carved this symbol and later colored it in.
But what does the symbol actually mean though?
There's the shape of a sun in the middle, with a blue and purple circle.
The sun probably represents Zios and the blue & purple Mira.
So, we know it might be about Mira and Zios, but we still don't know what it exactly represents.
There are many more symbols hidden throughout Jamaa. Have you ever found one? And what do you think about this one?
Have fun on your search & Happy jamming! :D


  1. Hmm............. that's actuary really interesting

  2. Notice the green top hat? That was deleted later on DX

  3. I always thought that was a compass. And I have found many symbols of Jamaa, but if I tell you, it would take the fun out of searching for them. :P

  4. Very cool! And intresting, first time on blog and it's very well done! Visit my YouTube page, Pigs And Jam,, I have took a break from vids but will make some more soon :D

  5. Awesome! I never realized that. I just though they looked cool.

  6. This theory is kind of a stretch, but here goes. If memory shows, Zios and Mira were separated and missed each other very much. Zios died because of the phantoms (Return of the Alphas) and Mira supposedly died in battle, right? Well, maybe Peck wanted to create that art in the Chamber of Knowledge to show that, although apart, Mira and Zios were together in spirit. And that the animals of Jamaa should be together no matter what, even if something bad happens. But yet again, that's just a theory.

  7. there's annother one in a den you can get. i bought that one and saw it for myself.


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