Saturday, 11 October 2014

Eyeball Antenna

 Hallo jammers! ^o^
The AJR up and ready for the Night Of The Phantoms! What do you think about the new design? c:
Speaking about the Night Of The Phantoms, the new item is the Eyeball Antenna which is sold in Jam-Mart clothing. :D
It's like the Eyeball hat . . but instead of pretending to be an eyeball you get to pretend that you have another eye. >:3
Which the speech bubble covers up completely. :I
But this is why i love eyeball stuff on AJ. xD
Cuz you get to pretend your head is an eyeball and stuff like that. o.o
Anywho, i encountered a very weird chat glitch today . . o_o
Everything's so tiny . . super duper tiny. XD
On the other hand, here's a tutorial on how to do the well-known "secret" ice-blue color on your animals. ^o^
First, see the light purple color in the corner?
Simply click the very edge of the color, it may take a few clicks to master. c:
 As you can see, this color can't be seen in the color palate although there are similar colors in it. ^-^
Lastly, here's the QOTP! :D
What's your favorite combination of two colors?
Grey & Icy blue makes a pawsome pair for me. C:
That's all for today, bye jammers! ^o^


  1. My favorite color combination is a light Brown & White

    1. I love that combination too. :D
      It reminds me of chocolate milk and milk. O.o

  2. I love the new banner and template cloud:)

    1. HEY SNOWY CLAW UR COPING CLOUD CLAWS oh wait this is animal jam river nor animal jam sprit nvm then

  3. i like dark blue on the second to last right corner and the blue under it

  4. I like, on a seal, white with light blue swirl. Really pretty.

  5. I love the lightish blue with the light brown on arctic wolves. I even have an outfit with it, it's a rare rhino w/ a scarf and a blue worn. Meow =^.^=

  6. anyone want to play akanatior i got an ipad i turned 9 today


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