Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zombie Mask & more

Hey jammers! :D
Wow . . 20 comments yesterday. o.O
That's a new record! C:
The new item is the Zombie Mask which is sold in Jam-Mart clothing! c:
 Okay, it looks extremely awkward and freaky just floating there, but it actually looks pretty good when you put it on an animal. :D
Especially an eagle. ^-^
Actually, i might make a costume including this item since i haven't made one in a long time. c:
Wait a sec . . waaaiit
And there we go! :D
I call it the . . err . . well, i can't really come up with a name for it right now. xD
But the things you need are the zombie mask (Obviously . .!), Camoufladge jacket, leaf armor and the bone tail. ^-^
Check below the link for more!
Some more new items are the Spooky Sewer Cover and the Spooky Chair which are sold in Jam-Mart Furniture! ^o^
Seriously, i was hoping the spooky chair would be nonmember. :I
But nooo, it's member. -.-
Im gonna explode if there aren't any new nonmember items. 
Moving on, here's the QOTP!
 Remember the old medical center?
 This was way back in the beta days, in 2010. It was where the pillow room is now.
So, do you like the old medical center or the new one?
I personally believe that the new one is etter, because it has a more simple, cleaner look. c:
Lastly, here's the fashion show!
 Fuzzytheseal is out. :c
Also, i changed "disqualified" to out because many of you where saying that disqualified meant out because of breaking the rules. To me, disqualified is another word for out but i guess everyone's definition is different. :p
Vote a jammer out!
Bye for now! ^o^


  1. now I feal better thx Cloudclaws

  2. I vote Magical Snowtleopard out

  3. I vote Flora MagicPaw Out

  4. I vote Princess Snowclaws out. Sorry, to her :(

  5. I vote Princess snowyclaws out, sorry!

  6. I vote Flora Magicpaw out, sorry!
    -The Best Anon In The World

  7. Actually, the old medical center was where the Sol Arcade is now, not the Pillow Room

    1. It was where the pillow room was.

    2. http://s10.postimg.org/yb1tsaqgp/5215322_orig.jpg

  8. I think dis stuff isn't fair.. I mean what about non members

  9. I like the old one better because it was more serious and didn't have annoying music playing. It was more like a medical center in somewhere like Africa.

    I love Africa... ;-;

    1. Yup, i gotta admit that the music is annoying. >.<
      Well, not annoying but it doesn't fit.

  10. flora magic paw

  11. flora magic paw

  12. The old medical center is better. It keeps the style of the game. The new one just takes away the style and put it more modern (human). This is just my opinion...



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