Friday, 17 October 2014

Spooky Lamp

Hey jammers! ^-^
The new is the Spooky Lamp, sold in, yup, Outback Imports. :P
 I love these "spooky" set of items. Each one of them looks so awesome. c:
But only ONE is nonmember, which is the spooky rug. ;-;
I was hoping this was gonna be nonmember, but nup. >.<
The spooky items also look good in the volcano den, because of their cracks. It looks like purple lava is bubbling beneath. :P
I would definitely buy this if only my inventory wasn't full . . i guess i better clean it up tomorrow. xD
Check below the link for more!
Well, there's another new item . . again. :P
It's the Monstorous Hair which is sold in the clothing shop!
Hmm . . it looks too long to be hair, it looks more like uhh err i dunno. o.o
But it's very very weird. :T
Lets try it on . . 
Too long, way too long . . xD
Anywho, the tiny chatbox glitch strikes back again! DX
But it looks interesting with teeny stuff in the corner . .wait, what?
I think AJHQ will fix this soon though. :P
Moving on, here's the DE post! ^-^
 Remember the days when there where "daters" in Jamaa? They kept saying stuff like "if u like me go to my den"
Urghhh >.<
Im glad there aren't many of those people today . . :T

However, there will always be bullies in Jamaa, but doesn't mean we can't make it better! :D
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
Have you ever found a four-leaved clover?
Really random but eh
I have found one 2 times. c:


  1. I found 1 two weeks ago

  2. found a 16 leaf clover b4

  3. If you go to the gross love page on my blog, you can see all the gross people daters in Jamaa - in the last two weeks!

  4. Arcticpengin, can u tell meh what blog is urs? and that lamp is cool, and its cool all this stuff is sold in outback impotrts. once i have like a ton a ton of gems, im going on a shopping spree there!

  5. I'd call this the "great depression" era for Jamaa. I think that one day AJHQ will take action and deal with the scammers and stuff.

    But I could be wrong. 8D

  6. To answer your question...


    Well uh.... Not me. But my irl friend one day had this 4-leafed clover. (It actually did have 4 leaves- not 3; 4 leaves!). And she was holding onto it like it was the most precious thing in the world. (No puns intended to my AJ wolf there..). This was like a little over a week ago! XD

    1. She found it in the parking lot, she says. :3

      She also wasn't wearing her hat. (She always wears that hat- except for that time. Weird.. o-o) O.o


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