Thursday, 2 October 2014

Phantom Update

Hello jammers! :3
Welcome to another post. ^-^
I forgot today was update day. No idea why.
That's spooky :O
I guess this is the TBA adventure glitch. ^-^
It's a fun adventure. The most fun i ever seen in ages. :D
It's like the Forgotten Desert, but it seems to be less frustrating. For me at least. :P
An interesting thing is that the map takes the shape of a phantom after a while. o-o
Cool and strange at the same time. :3
If you want to see more about the adventure, scroll down to the end of the post. ^-^
Moving on . . 
Pandas are FINALLY back! :D
But the sad thing is . . i don't see anyone being a panda in Jamaa. ;-;
Oh well. I might make a graphic out of that panda soon. :3
And of course, the night of the phantoms obviously. x3
 Im excited for the new items. :D
Speaking of costume contests . . we have reached 100 followers! Well, 101. Anyway, in honor of this i will be holding a fashion contest! :)
Anyone can enter the contest - no email required!

Anywho, more phantom stuff . . 
 I really like the Haunted Forest Party. c:
It's cool how you can become a ghost. ^-^
Moving on, the Ocean Alphas are FINALLY here! :D
It's located next to the underwater den shop. ^o^
There's Tavie the dolphin, Calypso the Turtle, Victor the Octopus, and Drake the Shark. :3
Moving on, there's some sad news. ;-; 
Pandas JUST left! And new another fabolous animal becoming endangered. ;-;
At least the update has good things in it. And an adventure for ALL jammers. :D
Speaking of Bitter Sweets, here's a few sneak-peaks! :3
It starts off with you stalking to this "mysterious" animal.
Prototype phantoms are mini-phantoms, which means that normal sized phantoms are HUGE compared to pets. O-O
 Also, there seems to be a mire statue in the Graveyard . . 
There's many scattered around.
Also, there are these "things" like in the Eagle Adventure.
Pretty nice adventure in general. :D
Scratch that, IT IS AWESOME!
But when i investigated after finishing the adventure, i saw THIS. o_o
 First prototype phantoms, then creepy phantom hybrids? o-o
What next? Are these hybrids gonna take over Jamaa? 
Im worried now. DX

Anywho, i know this is random and all - of - a - sudden, but i got my first pet today! :D
I have pet & fed animals, but i never really had a pet. He's a red veiltail Betta in case you're wondering. :3
As a name, im thinking about Coral but it sounds too girlish for a male . . so any suggestions? ^-^

Bye for now jammers! c:


  1. How about velvet? Or scarlet?

    I love the update!

    What kind of names are you looking for? I can expand this list if you want.

    1. I think Scarlet would be awesome! ^.^
      I love the fish though! It's so beautiful!!! Aww, just look at it! :D

    2. Scarlet is a cute name for a fish indeed! I love all types of fish. They're very interesting and some of them can be colourful! :D


  2. Your so lucky you got a pet, I'm not allowrd to get one >.<
    You could name it.. Dotty, Bubbler,Cosmo,Colburn,Dilbert,Dixon,Casper,Crimpson,Memphis,Artie or...Topaz.. I guess.. that's all I could come up with!

    1. Aww, that sucks that you can't get a pet.

      I actually had a fish similar to Cloud's. It was red though. Sadly, we no longer own fish because they seem to die in the aquarium. At least I got a dog. :)

      I like Bubbler. It can fit for a marine animal!


  3. coral is a pretty good name for it XD

  4. Maybe Riptide, or Maroon.
    I'm not very good at naming pets...
    My two cats are named kitty and smokey.
    Guess what color they are XD!

    1. Those names you find out are not bad!

      Here are my guesses:

      Kitty: Ginger or brown pelt.
      Smokey: Gray pelt.


    2. You got Smokey right, but kitty is a black cat. :)


  6. It was a fantastic update! I loved all the parts--except the Cheetahs leaving! I specially loved the adventure, it's too laggy though! XP
    Happy Night of The Phantoms, Jammers! ^.^

    1. A really good update but there are three things I hate about the update:

      1. The new chat. It seems that you can't see "i luv u" anymore. You just get a warning of spelling wrong. THIS IS NOT AN ADULT SITE. IT'S A KID'S SITE SO KIDS CAN SPELL INCORRECTLY ON PURPOSE OR NOT! Arrg. I got 3 warnings from misspelling today.

      2. The cheetahs leaving right after pandas returned. Let me guess. Another leaving animal after 3 weeks (when cheetahs leave)? But I love all of these animals. No matter how ugly their design or model can be.

      3. The adventure is not on the list. That is when I think it is a "limited edition" adventure. There is a possibility that after the Night of the Phantoms, the adventure will be on the list. But since you can only find it around Jamaa and the atmosphere that matches Halloween and Night of the Phantoms, there's a 50% chance that it can stay for the whole year.

      These are what I hate about the update.


  7. Username-chococat525
    Animal Species-Fox
    Animal Name-Blossom Magicgem

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yep! You're in! Comment on the contest blog though. :)

  8. I can't wait to go on AJ now! Also, I love phantoms, so I'm going to purchase all of the phantom stuff at the stores and at the newest party. Is it normal to be too excited for an online game? Then again, AJ isn't an online game. It's a life style.

    1. So you're like Greely?

      I'm going to try to get in the party in case they can get new items there.


  9. U have an up ahead competitor Cloudclaws
    Its Violet86271
    Here is her blog The Animal Jam Legendary Palooza
    She may post late but her posts our great u need to find her secret

  10. ooh, I like your fish :3
    I used to have a veiltail betta, but it died :(
    now I have a dragon scale betta :)

  11. OH ITS SO PRETTY!(my mom got a goggle) how about scales :)


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