Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tons of new items

Halloo. :3
Yes, i know i didn't post yesterday. :T
There are tons of reasons, mainly because i was feeling horribly horrible that night. DX
Anywho, the new item is the Bat Tombstone sold in . . Outback Imports? o-o
Did AJHQ mix up the stores? Because it's super weird for it to be sold here . . o.o
It just doesn't fit at all. :I
I like this item though. But why is there a bite taken out of it? A stone-eating monster? *gasp* :O
And strangely, there seem to be two new items today, the other being the Spooky Tree which is sold in Epic Wonders. ^o^
I like this item too.
Imagine if you saw THIS is real life. ;-;
I have actually seen a scary tree in real life . . *shudders* it was terrifying, even though it's just a tree.
At least it didn't have a mouth or eyes like this one. o.o
And you know what? I just randomly checked in the CLOTHING shop in epic wonders, and look! Another new item. xD
Check below the link for more!

Skeleton suits have been sold underwater, and i have wanted one on land for ages, and now that dream haz come true. :D
Anywho, has anyone noticed that this building in the Haunted forest Party . .
Looks really similar to the phantom beacon?
 Yes, they are a tiny bit different but they still look super similar.
Do you think they are the same thing?

Also, when do you think there will be another original land adventure? Hopefully it has Sir Gilbert and Peck . . >.<
They never get to appear in adventures. :C
Sadly, that's all for today. Bye jammers! ^o^


  1. Jinxy the black cat with pink bat glasses8 October 2014 at 04:45

    Your dream come true! you are lucky... I wanted a play as your pet LAND and best dressed for pets!~elizaboo1104

  2. Dare I say it? ... First comment? Plus, why does everything have to be members only? NOT FAIR!


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