Sunday, 19 October 2014

Haunted Bookshelf & More

Hello jammers! ^-^
Today we have two new items in Jam-Mart Furniture - The Haunted Bookshelf and the Phantom Lamp! :D
Every few moments, the books float over and change shelves. o.o
It's super cool. :3
I would buy it . . if i had more inventory space. =_=
Oh well. Maybe someday there will be 400 slots for your den inventory. :3
900 gems in Jam-Mart furniture though . . wat. xD
The phantom lamp is thankfully cheaper. :P
But member. -.-
Seriously it's more like "The Night Of the Members"
Cuz everything is member and stuff. :I
Anywho, the spooky party has returned!
Yayz! :D
I love the Night Of The Phantom parties. :3
Moving on, has anyone every wondered what land the adventure base camp actually is it?

Since the trees at the paradise party and the base camp are the same, i think they are both in the safe land, so maybe this mystery land is about . .
Yup, here.
Since it has a river, and the base camp has a tiny little beach.
But coral can't live in rivers. o.o
Maybe it's because it's a special entrance?
Also, how on Jamaa do you even get to Kimbara Outback? It has not bridges connecting it onto the other land.

 . . Orrr they just go by boat. 
Lastly, here's round two of the fashion show! :D
Mythical Peachyproud is sadly out. :c
Don't worry, as i said you will be able to stay for one more day. :D
That's all for now jammers! And remember you still have to vote a jammer out.


  1. I vote out Count Clevercroc sorry!

  2. i vote out count clevercroc

  3. count clevercroc same as yesterday

  4. I vote out fuzzy theseal sorry :(

  5. wow I cant believe im still in!

  6. I'm SO Sorry count clever croc! But I have to vote u out ;*(

  7. countclevercrock im ni round 2 yay!

  8. I vote out Count cleavercroc

  9. I vote out Professor Jellymaster. Also, there is a bridge from the Township to Kimbara. The bridge is located right under the Pillow Room. It is not shown on the map. It's a good point a bout the Base Camp being there, but the beach leads to the ocean Base camp, so you would technincally have to go under every land to get from the Land Base Camp to the Ocean base camp.

    OMG that comment was so long


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