Thursday, 4 June 2015

Im back from camping :D (THIS IS NOT A FULL POST)

Im back. YEEEY :3
Yesterday i fell asleep before i even had the chance to post. blergh :T
Well, i had tons of fun at camp C:
Also, don't worry about authors, i will be doing author tryouts very soon! ^_^

Our cabins where in a farm, which is rlly awesome because we got to pet the horses. :3
Well, not everyone got to pet them, cuz no one really told us about the horses . . well most of us discovered them ourselves but some ppl didn't see the horses. :T
One was called Ginger, who was . . . GINGER COLORED. *dun dun duun*
He was friendly, but he liked to try to eat people o3o

And the other one was called Donk, i have NO idea why he was called that. His fur color was black btw, he was sorta shy at first but he didn't try to eat people. xD

They might not be their official names, but idk :T
Also, there was two dogs. One was called Jess, she was rlly rlly cute and well trained C:
I saw her in the morning and she started sniffing and licking me. xD Also, there was another called Alfie, he was super hyper. o-o Jess and Alfie where friends or something btw o3o

O MAI GAWD im so srry i wrote a bunch of stuff about camp. o_o
I didn't mean to do that. It just suddenly . . happened. o-o

Well, enough of me blabbing about camp xD
Time 4 the new item. C:
Im gonna be a bit confuzzled at this, cuz i have basically no idea what they are XD

Well, there's a bunch of elegant stuff in epic wonders. xP
Nice c:
I <3 elegant and fancy things.
I would prefer it if AJHQ called this series "fancy" instead of elegant, but elegant is an elegant word, while fancy is a fancy word, but aren't fancy and elegant the same thing? sooo um am i making sense . . XD
I fancy the word "fancy"
I am confusing you now, aren't i?
muaahahahah >:D
uhhmm . .  
Fancy also means "like," doesn't it? o-o
Is it just me or is the table glowing? o.o
It probably is glowing.
Does glowing look elegant?
I think it does .  .
The candles are the most fanciest, and most elegant though. x3
*counts items*
So basically, these things are the only things AJHQ has been releasing for the past 4 days? o-o
Well, i was expecting new items to be all over the place, but okai. xD
I guess i wont get all confuzzled about where all the new items are lol :P
Im gunna buy the candle cuz it's the fanciest. :3
*recycles summer carnival lights* :C
I need moar den slots >:U 
This thing is more fancy then the carnival lights. ^-^
It would be great if AJHQ made a fancy chandelier. But aren't chandeliers fancy anyway? :P

ok im ok
. . . 
fancy chandeliersss
idk anymore :T
Well, uhm as the title says, this isn't a full post cuz right now i don't have time to do one. :I
The REAL, actual post will be coming in when AJHQ puts the new item in stores.
Bye! :D


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