Monday, 1 June 2015

Im going camping ^-^

Hello! x3
Im very sorry for not posting yesterday, i was preparing for camping.
It was today that i just learnt there was no wifi at camp. :I
I wish i had asked the teachers earlier so i could warn you that i won't be posting earlier. urgh -.-
 If there WAS wifi, i couldn't get on AJ anyways . . but i would still be able to post stories, big mysteries and stuff. But without wifi . . 
Well, i can do nothing. ;-;
Im so sorry about this D:
However, im VERY excited for camp! :3 The whole class is going. ^_^

(well yah our school holds camps a few times each year)

Unfortunately, i can't really do a full post today because i have to get up very early . . i wish i COULD do posts, but i can't. ;-;
Well, anyways . . I am going on Tuesday, and i will be back on Thursday.
That's around 2 days i won't be posting. I might be too tired to post on Thursday, if i DON'T post then i will be back on Friday.
Anyway, i have to go to bed now so . . see ya on Thursday i guess! :D


  1. Bye Cloudclaws, have fun at camp!!! :3

  2. See you Cloud! Hope you don't become too tired after C:


  3. Why not get authors??

  4. Dinozwisdom AJ1 June 2015 at 07:19

    I agree, you should get authors. Also have fun!

  5. Bye cloudclaws! Bring bug spray, mosquitoes are suppose to be bad this year. Have a great camp. I also agree, you should get authors.

  6. Aww, I will miss your posts! But have a great time! Camping sounds AWESOME! Jam on!

  7. Today i was scammed by babybear5678 . Please can you block and report her she is a grey artic wolf whit bone tail and spike she took most of my ice armor.

  8. Aww, I'm sorry Flame Wing! I will definitely report her!

  9. I know this does not have to do with the post but..... I found someone who is named and looks like fman he us named recycle. Maybe u could do a post about fman?

  10. does anyone know where blogertips went? I kinda need some help with the icon on the tab for my blog.


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