Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hai jammers! sorry for the late post, im guessing today's new item is from animal jam session! and its going to be member =(


well i was half right! its a cowbell and its sold in the den item store in
animal jam session and yay! its NONMEMBER!!!!!!!!! but weird i didnt know 
cow bells hanged from a pole... and im glad they made that pole from wood and

And remember those extreamly freaky monocules? well they weren't just plain old

steampunk monoclues! who ever knew?
i knew from the start is was a bit steampunkish looking..
(that's not even a word lol)  AJHQ must have upgraded the name in the last

thats all the news i could find happy jamming! 



  1. Nice blog! Check out mine too...

    Cow bells, that seems odd...

  2. Hey cloudclaws ^.^ its me pippleponle! Nice blog.. it looks kinda new..s it??

    1. well its not that new about 5 months and i have been having trouble getting veiws..


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