Monday, 27 May 2013

rare angel wings

hey jammers guess what i saw? a famous scammer and i can prove it!

UGH i cant bear to look IT HURTS PEOPLE

does that affect my life? NO but it does
affect the jammer who got scammed!

thats him saying be a scammer not a jammer!
and thats me saying NO BE A JAMMER! but you cant change scammers can you?
his user is  cool 7877 he only has 51 buddies cuz his a scammer! report him!

anyways getting on with the monday rare which has already been removed from the shops.
luckily someone sended me one
 but ill just use kinyongas pic since snowy hasnt posted about the monday rare(yet)

i dont need to credit =P

 finally a nice rare! oddly coloured but i like it!   =D

happy jamming everyone!
P.S be a JAMMER not a scammer!!! 




  1. I have 2 buddies,but I am not a scammer.

  2. I have gotten scammed like 4 times. My advice? Don't trust it. Even if "in case" you can still report them. But that doesnt mean you will get your items back.


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