Thursday, 23 May 2013

girrafes, elephants, rhinos are gOneE

hey jammers really sorry for not posting anyway jamaa seems  to be fully summer now!
 but is this normal?

 club geoz is covered with these yellow and black thingys....
it looks like its under construction... well kinda

AJHQ seems to have put gem pics next to the
price of the item

not sure if i like it better or not..

and there is also a python expetition you can play by clicking "PLAY"

AAAAAAAAAAAND theres some polls in jamaa 

the location of these polls are jamaa township, crystal sands and coral canyons

and most impotant of all the girrafes elephants and rhinos are compleatly gone! (well you can use them if you have one)

happy jamming

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