Thursday, 9 May 2013

summer carnival

hey jammers THE SUMMER CARNIVAL IS BACK!! and to be honest its my first time in it

oh i missed this item out its from wensday

pumpkins and member only NUUU!! poor nonmembers... they only get tomatoes

MOVING ON the summer carnival is back! YAY i can finally get a raccoon tail!
all your fave items are back!

you can locate it in the top of the parties.

and heres the fairy floss shop and just in case you're woundering where did i get the phantom fairy floss:to make one do black white and black white again.

and the plushies and all the clothing items are back again!

and three new den items

the winner of the photo booth have been announced!

the water park den is back in stores!

and now you can have 200 items in your den!! sorry nonmembers :( couldnt AJHQ give them just another 150?

giraffes elephants and rhinoes are leaving NUU!
um wait what? a pattern is starting to emerge Fhere...
first monkeys then koalas and now this... and there all unpopular animals..
is AJHQ trying to make them popular or what?

anyway happy jamming! i really need to make a new banner...

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