Friday, 31 May 2013


hey jammers there was an update lately bringing the diamond shop

im too lazy to post the images and stuff so i put a video!

well im not really happy about this update ill say..

firstly AJHQ is scamming us! i buyed the arctic wolf and

the snow leopard for real life money! what a waste!

secondly people worked their tails off to get these items
now their almost worth nothing!

but im not saying being rare is the most important thing about jamaa
its just that its a big waste of money and time, and remember the point
of Animal jam is to chat make friends and roleplay! and for people who liked this
update i dont mean to be offensive! its just my option!

anyway happy jamming everyone!




  1. Hey Cloud the past tense of "put" is "put", not "putted". :p

  2. I know I had two Gift Card Animals! And people paid for membership and stuff so it is really not fair!


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