Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Hey jammers! Sorry for the late post, anyway todays new item is
the Anchor!
Not really sure if i like this item or not..It looks fine but
its a bit rusty but that's how sunken anchors are supposed to be,
right? :P And if it looked all brand new, it would be kinda odd and this item does
make a nice little decoration in dens. ^.^ 
Daily Mystery!
In the deep depths in Deep blue, a cave is located.
Where do you think it leads?
Do you think it might lead to a brand new underwater land? 
Happy jamming!


  1. 1st YAY and cloudclaws for your last post the last nm rare was rare scary bat wings and for the mystery i think it leads to a under-water phantom cave.

  2. i really wanted 2 new things in animal jam a seals only party and a arctic fox for nons because wolves are nm and arctic ones are member so foxes are member so why dont have a nm fox so arctic foxes could be a new animal so WHY WONT AJHQ MAKE A NEW UPDATE??! ITS BUGGING ME LIKE HECK BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS OVER BUT ITS STILL NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS WHY OH WHY OH WHY UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH

  3. cloudclaws the rare sidekix plushies in AJ outfitters have arrived so i get one more week of free membership when i get it YAY!!!

    1. i'm getting the giraffe one and
      can anyone else comment its makeing me poos XD


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