Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey jammers sorry for the late post blogger was lagging. ugh. Anyway,
i changed my look on animal jam i decided to stick with the one with the leaf necklace.
What do you think, did you like the old one or new one better? Or the old one with girl eyes?
Anyway today's rare is the rare shark tooth!
credit goes to snowyclaw
Pricey but colorful. I like this rare but
Does anyone even remember when the last nonmember item was? I don't.
It was AGES ago. Sure, they might be old nonmember items coming out but AJHQ isn't making any NEW ones! AM i the only one that's getting sick of all these member items? I hope AJHQ isn't planning to get rid of all nonmember items..If they are planning to do that, i would be REALLY ANGRY!! I don't want AJ to be like the other virtual games where EVERYTHING is members only!
If AJHQ continues doing member items more and more and getting no NEW nonmember items, we'll have to do something. we don't want AJ to be turning like Club Penguin do we?
Who agrees?


  1. i agree with the member only rare WHY OH WHY OH WHY yay 1st comment XD

  2. I totally agree.Club penguin only has like 1 nm item every party but it pretty bad. It is hard to tell if a nm is a girl or boy because there is barely and girls hair. I think that last non member item was about 2 weeks ago

  3. Minecraft sucks!Don't play it!And if you do,quit immediately!

  4. Hear hear! (for both less member and minecraft sucks)


  5. Rare Scary Bat Wings


  6. Y IS IT ALWAYS MEMBER!!!!!?????


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