Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Great Escape Music

Hey jammers! today's new item is The Great Escape music sold in the diamond shop!
Now all jammers can buy another adventure music! ^.^
Well, members only..DX I think nonmembers should have at least 3 different
music for their dens to choose. What new music do you think should be available for all
jammers? :) Anyway, on an AJ coloring page i noticed a female lion!
Do you think AJHQ listened to us? Will jammers be able to become female
lions? If jammers can really be female lions in the future, i can't wait! :D Which reminds
me, do you think we would be able to choose how old our animals where? (baby, adult etc) That would be great wouldn't it? What else should we be able to do with our animals?
Happy jamming!


  1. It's funny, you can have a male lion with female eyes. O-o

  2. The female lion looks a bit like a snow leopard! Funny how everyone thought snow leopards were pumas.


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