Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Striped Scarf

Hey jammers! Sorry i haven't been posting, i think im a bit too obsessed with ChickenShoothie right now. DX IM so sorry jammers! ;-; Today's new item is the Striped scarf!
Looks like a candy cane. Maybe it is one. *tries to take a bite*
Nevermind. It could have been called the candy cane scarf but then everyone would 
think it WAS a candy cane. O_o Nice item, though. :3 I wounder if the Jamaaliday scarf is coming back? The Rare Item Monday was the rare fairy wings!
Credit to Snowyclaw
I think pastel pink and purple would be a much more brighter and cheerful combination 
but other than that, its quite nice! :D But i still like the blue fairy wings better, speaking of blue, what is your favorite color? Mines blue. :P 
Anyway, now for the Daily Mystery! ^.^
Where does the snow come from?
Why is it here all year?
Is it even snow? Feel free to share yours ideas, or write a story if you want. :)
Happy jamming!


  1. i luv the color combo for the wings :D

  2. XD though that looks pretty tasty for scarf. Though it really expensive for a scarf compared to last years scarf for nm

  3. owe sorry that i commenting to much i so bored DX. for the mystery i think that area has all the seasons in one place :D

  4. Yay! The Striped Scarf's PERFECT for my foxy ^-^
    Those are bright, cute colors for those rare faerie wings! All though.... a darker pink would go with it :3

  5. The scarves look rlly cute on koalas


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