Thursday, 7 November 2013

Update! :D

Hey jammers! There was an update today, and as we predicted, 
the Autumn theme is back. ^.^

I love the autumn theme, it has warm colors in it like yellow and orange. ^.^ 
Speaking of Autumn, i might change the blog desigin  soon!
Now,lets start with today's item, the Fancy Shoes!
Blergh. I don't really like this item (no offense) plus, why would an
ANIMAL need SHOES? including shirts, sometimes AJHQ makes weird clothing. o-o
Its member again too, sorry nonmembers but there's a suprise waiting for you! :D
Da suprise is... *drumroll* MEET COSMO IS FOR ALL JAMMERS!
Yay AJHQ! :D Finally nonmembers can meet another alpha  and go on more adventures!
I hope The Hive is here for nonmembers soon too, i think nonmembers should be able to defeat the phantom king too! Anyway,a new animal seems to have been spotted!
I wonder what it will be.. but lets not hope its in the diamond shop and its for members because
im already saving up on diamonds for a cheetah. I tried to solve the puzzle but it was kinda hard for me but here's all i could do.
We can see that the animal loooks like a girafe because it has a long neck,
it could be an okapi since they live in high places in rainforests (note the mountains in the background and tree) Here's what an okapi looks like:
Credit to Wikipedia
It seems pretty similar, large ears, hooves and a long neck so its very likely. ^.^
But who knows? there could even be other long necked animals.
Meanwhile, all the games seem to be 2x gems!
More gems. :D See? this is why i love Updates.
Anyway, the mushroom hut also seems to be back!
Now jammers can get one of my favorite dens! ^.^ I think nonmembers should have more
dens, the great escape is also now on hard mode!
That was a pretty long post. O.O
 play wild!
Sorry jammers, the animal is not an okapi, after i read the animal jam spirit it seems like a deer!

Credit to Snowyclaw
Please forgive me its my mistake.


  1. Sorry, my mistake people its not an okapi, after i looked on
    The animal jam spirit. It seems like a deer, sorry everyone!

    1. its ok cloud i got diamonds in the daily spin AGAIN awesome!! i like meet cosmo i can open the tiger passege YAY!!!! i wonder if i should keep my tiger or change it into a panda hmmm.......? maybe..........

    2. It's okay Cloudeh :3 That was an awesome guess though! :) I'm soooo happy!!!!! I'm behind in getting the cheetah and lion :C I really want the cheetah though!

    3. i think the dance of the cheetah is a it sexy and gay but i think its kinda cool to!

  2. It's ok. I am so excited but i'll be so angry if this is in the diamond shop it would be such a rip off.

  3. Did you see my latest post? I am hosting a party on Sunday for 500 viewers. Do you want to do something in it too?

  4. Yay, deer! <3 I hope it comes in the next update!

  5. Wonderful blog deer! ^^

    I saw you advertising at the Animal Jam Spirit , so I came to visit! Great job!

  6. I like how the Jamaa Township music came back! I was started to forget it...


  7. wow there is not usally this many comments at this time wow


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