Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pencil Table

Hey jammers! today's pawsome returning item is the Pencil Table. :3
A quite nice item don't you think? :3You can slide it around
and draw on the floor. :P It also makes a nice table. :D Anyway, did you
know there was an epic wonders skyways glitch?
Its pretty cool you can sit on the orb. :3 Just in case if your
wondering how to do it, here's how! :)
First of all, stand here.
And then, click someones nametag and open up games.
and then click here.
Than, straight after you clicked, click a game (scooped works best) and cancel
VERY quickly. It takes some time though but its a fun glitch to do. :3
Happy jamming!


  1. Ohh, I've always wondered how to do that. Thanks!

  2. if your computer just doesn't let you do it that means you have to turn into another animal while doing it


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