Friday, 29 November 2013

Snowball pile

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, i had to get of the computer and i WAS going to go back, but i couldn't because it was my bedtime. >.< I promise i will (try) to post. Anyway, today's returning item is the Snowball Pile!
Just in time for the Jamaalidays! :D Its perfect for snowball fights but honestly,
this item should be nonmember, i mean it is just a pile of snowballs. Why do you need to buy snowballs anyway? o.o Anyway, maybe you could try filling
your den with snowballs, or line your entrance with these. ^.^ Meanwhile, i got 2/5 pieces of the ice armor!
this is my arctic wolf in my ice spirit outfit. She can also control water and snow.
I want a water armor too, earth armor and a lighting armor too! What other ideas do you have? :D
And i guess i don't need to buy an ice armor either. :P
Happy jamming!


  1. First comment, yay! =3

    The snowball reminds me of the pyramids in Egypt. :3 Have you ever seen that commercial where the guy says "Well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake?" Then the guy wearing a red cloth thing on his head is holding a map, of the pyramids supposed to be built like squares XD It's so funny!!!!
    You look epic in that armor, Cloudeh ^-^ Snake Armor? Chocolate Armor (YUM!)? Snow Armor? Mushroom Armor (LOL)? Oooh! Phantom Armor? Just some ideas :)

  2. 2nd!
    Anyway, I think there should be more mythical creatures armor, like maybe dragon armor or something.
    And maybe AJHQ could make weather armor, like rain armor or sun armor. (they've already done wind!)
    Jam on! ^.^


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