Friday, 22 November 2013


Hey jammers! im so sorry for now posting. :( Please forgive me. Anyway, there was a pawsome
update Yesterday! ^.^ Lets start of with the new party!
Its an Epic party, i have visited! ^.^ I promise a tour of the party at the end of
this post but if you want it to be a surprise, you don't have to watch it. :) I hope everyone
gets to come to this awesome party!
Now, it seems like AJHQ listened to my idea about..
ICE ARMORS! :D I might be buying one on the weekend! ^.^
I actually wanted snow armors because snow is my favorite element, but ice armors should do because there so sparkly and shiny. ^-^ Meanwhile, it seems like we where right about the new animal!
Yay. ^.^ I just hope its not in the Diamond shop. :( Oh, and the video is great too! you
should watch it. :D All games are also on 2x gems!
Now for the video i promised you..
Thanks to all jammers who have helped me. :)
Thats all for now jammers, play wild!


  1. Ice armor looks so pawesome. O.O Maybe I can get a gift card...

  2. Pawesome update, the gift cards now include ice armor,6,000 gems, and still 10 diamonds (if buy 3 month membership if 6 month then 25). I already got gift card so now i know. Should i save my10 diamonds for deer or buy cheetah now?


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