Monday, 18 November 2013

Rare Old Hood

Hey jammers! sorry for not posting yesterday. :( Anyway, today's lovely rare is the
Rare Old Hood!
It might be old but it has a lovely color combination and its one of the coziest hoods
around. :3 A better thing is, its nonmember so nonmembers can now buy a different
colored hood! :D After all these member items, i was starting to think AJHQ had forgotten 
nonmembers. However, AJHQ still hasn't made the chat history for everyone again. :(
Meanwhile, here's a funny glitch with tigers and studded collars.
It seems like the studded collar flew off the tiger. XD
Happy jamming!


  1. Nice glitch searching! I hadn't seen that one before. o.o

  2. Me neither! That's awesome!

  3. AJHQ got me banned for no reson there so IDIOTS now

  4. and you have no title DX

  5. the glitch is funny and nice rare for today (because it nm)


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