Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fruit Bowl

Hey jammers! today's returning item is the fruit bowl. ^.^
It looks nice on tables and its cheap and nonmember. :3 But i wish there
was a Raspberry or a Watermelon in the bowl because there my favorite fruit. D:
Anyway, wouldn't it be cool if AJHQ made other types of bowls? Like the candy bowl or the vegetable bowl or maybe even a cereal bowl. :P Meanwhile, i have been thinking how the next new land might be like...
Maybe it could be a meadow, with a pine forest and mountains in the background
and it could have a cave that sells golden shaman statues and silver and maybe even the golden Mira statue! ^-^ I think it could be something like this:
Im not really sure what it could be named, maybe Emerald Mountains?
What do you think it will be named?
Happy jamming!


  1. I luv your name for the new land

  2. you missed today's second item it at play as your pet party, the item is a pet diner stool

  3. I like mango's :3 YUMMY!!!!!!!! The idea of different bowls sounds great =)

    :O Emerald Mountain sounds pretty ^-^ Maybe.... Emerald River? Crystal Stream/River? Moon Waters? -There's huge piles of water through that land-

  4. I like those names nyan chocoa XD

  5. That place looks like a cross between sarepia forest and crystal sands


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