Friday, 3 January 2014

Ice Cube Chair

Hey jammers! Sorry for the rather late post, i was getting the 50 followers contest ready. 
I have already picked the prizes, the contest will be on tomorrow. ^.^
Meanwhile, today's returning item is the Ice Cube Chair!
It goes perfect with the Snowflake table. C:
I wounder if they will re-release the ice torches? ^_^
Now, has anyone noticed that there has been only ONE NEW nonmember item since halloween?
Has anyone notice that AJHQ now seems to be running the game for money?
AJ Jump, diamond shop, taking away chat history from nonmembers, and even making the tophiaries nonmember in some way!
AJHQ is basically taking away, not giving.
Don't you think we should do something?
Hmm, should i make a new movement? If yes, im not sure what it really will be about, but it will involve getting more nonmember items. What do you think? :)
Anyway, here are some posts on the Daily Explorer!

These drawings are very cute and nice. ^.^
Here's a video about seals, too.
I love seals. :D I think they are cute.
Be sure to watch that video, its pawsome! C:
Happy jamming!


  1. One, I'd like to point out that there's no such thing as a nonmember item. All items are either member-only or for all Jammers. You could say an all-Jammer item. If there was such a thing, then it would be off-limits for members. AJHQ doesn't say it, so you can too? Another thing, AJHQ gives a lot to every Jammer. The bit about the Diamond Shop, that wasn't a ploy to steal money. Animals are just a bonus from the membership card. Nonmembers, such as myself, have so much to be thankful for in the past year. It's a shame nobody realizes all the good AJHQ does except for me :( I really don't see how AJ Jump is for money. It's made by Smart Bomb Interactive, not National Geographic. It's only for one low price, there aren't any in-app purchases, and you can connect your Animal Jam account to it. That's how apps work. It affects Jamaa in no type of way. -Sigh- Nobody cares.

  2. AJ should make at least 3 items non member a week at least 3,if it were more than 3 even better

  3. You should CloudClaws and I might


  4. YEAH Cloudy! I'm so in with your movement. I've been sending AJHQ messages saying "Make stuff better for nonmembers" For EVER now!

  5. Wow, congrats on 50 followers!! Yeah, I guess AJ HQ is not doing so well money-wise right now. O.o But imagine taking it out on the poor non-members! (The NERVE of these people.)

  6. 1st and your right ajhq is taking things away

  7. 1st

  8. Hey Cloud, I was wondering if you would like to post this. The working codes of 2013 are:
    ngexplorer- 1000 gems
    tigris-500 gems
    bemybuddy-500 gems
    ganges-500 gems
    zambezi- 500 gems
    chimbu-500 gems
    nile-500 gems
    drawing-500 gems
    alphas-500 gems
    explorer-500 gems
    ajbday3-3rd bday cake
    10million- 10 million banner
    If you don't it's ok.

  9. wait no, nile doesn't work.


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