Monday, 27 January 2014

Rare Flippers

Hey jammers! I don't really wanna post about the new item these days, but i can't find anything else to post about..
Any ideas? c:
Today's cool Rare Item Monday are the Rare Flippers!
It the best RIM, not the worst either. For some reason, im not really fond of underwater rares. :P
But i really like that shade of blue, i think you could make some pretty cool outfits with this. ^.^
The price isn't too bad for a rare, but i really wanna see a nonmember item in the shops right now. ;-;
And isn't it kinda weird that these items don't become actually rare?
Meanwhile, here's the DE post! ^-^
Its quite useful for jammers who are wondering why they can't type in all the words in the chat.
Happy jamming!


  1. 1st D:D:D:D::D:


    1. i really like the flippers 2!


    2. Congrats! Yeah, i like that shade of solid blue.

  2. Hey cloud I might start MAKING VIDEOS! :D have any tips? Lol-sparkle08732 ps I like the flippers but their member! :(

    1. Hmm...I don't really have any tips even though i make videos. o-o
      Well let me think anyway..
      1. Make the topic interesting, if you're going to do AJ videos, you could do a story or if there was a really cool update, you could record it and maybe give a tour/share your opinions. ^-^
      But i heard that you where making LPS videos, i never made any, but my best advice is the make the plot interesting if your making a story. Perhaps watch some good LPS videos for examples? C:
      Sorry if this wasn't helpful though.

    2. This ACCTUALLY was helpful and I watch lps videos more than animal jam vids :3- sparkle08732 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

  3. It's rare because it's so ugly, nobody will buy it! :D


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