Monday, 6 January 2014

Rare Spartan Helmet

Hey jammers! Still no update. >.< Oh well, i bet this Thursday will be update day. :P
Today's Monday Rare is the Rare Spartan Helmet! :D
Hmm, im not a big fan of this item to be honest, the coloring is too dark.
I mean, this would have been perfect for Halloween, but don't you think today's rare
would be better if it was.... more new- year -themed? ^.^
Meanwhile, have you noticed this?
If we get to pick what type of juice we want in the mini-game,
shouldn't we be able to choose our type of straw and decorations?
Maybe AJHQ should add that in the next update? :3
Which reminds me, that will be this week's Weekly Question! ^.^

What new things do you think the next update will bring?
Maybe AJHQ is working on something big, since they haven't released the update?
Maybe there busy with the update?
Do you think there will be a new adventure coming announced?
What do you think? ^_^
Happy jamming!


  1. First! I bet they'll make a new adventure and/or make an existing animal, pet,or adventure non-member!

  2. I just think they delayed the update because they wanted people to redeem their membership cards fro ice armor.

  3. I think there will be an adventure that follows greely inferno, i think greely still alive though. There should be adventures for each month even if there no killing a lot of phantoms, like in december there could be decorating jamaa adventure and the phantoms took the decorations and we have to get decocrations back, my next idea is that they have a few parts of the adventures, like say the alphas were captured and we have to save 5 alphas they can do 2 alphas in one adventure and 3 alphas in the other, and do to be continued parts.Sorry for the extra long comment!

  4. OMZ TOTALLY!!!! I was wondering about that.... but a new big adventure just came out, so it wouldn't make since that they're making another new one. But maybe, I don't know... maybe hard mode of greely's inferno is coming out?
    ~ neros1234
    P.s. first comment lol

  5. cloud can you start posting on my blog? since i'm getting very busy :(

    1. Sure! :D
      I can post today if you want. ^_^

    2. can you post everyday?

    3. CLOUD how do you get the signatur and tabs i figur out how D:

  6. your the only other person i know who notice there is no update.

  7. they should totally make a new adventure!!!! .. But ever since Greely's inferno came out i've been worrying that it might be the last one...
    also when you wrote: Maybe there busy with the update? you should have written: Maybe they're busy with the update.
    I'm sorry, I don't mean to be such a grammar and spelling freak. >.<


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