Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heart Earmuffs

Hey jammers! Again, im sorry for not posting yesterday. I just seem to be losing interest on AJ and blogging, im finding myself logging on AJ only to post then logging out. :( And sorry about the contest too, ill sort out all the entries tomorrow, you may also enter today though.
Yesterday's item was the heart locket.  ^-^
Im glad this item has returned, now all the jammers who wanted one can now get one. C:
This item is one of my favorite items too, i like the blue, purple and green ones. ^.^
Which ones do you like? :D
Today's item are the heart earmuffs!
I think this item is pretty good, but it should have been a little fluffier and
it really should have been nonmember. ;-;
I don't have much time right now, so see you tomorrow! :)


  1. Same here cloud I started to lose interest because Aj seems lagging , I have not posted on my blog for a week
    Blueberryb, owner of the animal jam tingle

  2. ummmmm kina a lame post :( you have MILLIONS of peeps who need you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well................................ what evs. hope u still post


  3. Yeah even though I don't blog.. aj is pretty lag when I wana have fun and I have to refresh like 10 times a day -.- -sparkle08732

  4. Guys I don't really like what you are saying. Please keep those kinds of comments to yourself.


    1. well........ im just saying, i hope u dont stop posting :D

      -CMO1st :D:D:D

    2. I agree. Lame post is kinda mean to say, but it does make sense that chu don't wantz precious CloudClaws to stop posting :3. I want her to continue posting too. Her posts are river-rific!

  5. i hate my internet its so slow and now sometimes the loding screen wornt even show up... iv lost interest in aj but i only play because my bffs play and the boy i like he is also my bff so i try to play and also i play because well idk i sometimes wight storys about it but not about me one is a clan thing called snowy moon (i havnt finished it) but so far its pretty good other than that its really boring


  6. Hay Cwouds! It's me ilovecutechihuahuas/NyanChocoa, just here 2 tell chu I'm changing zoo iwuzcutechihuahuaz. I like, FINALLY made up my mind! Woo!

    I had a collection of heart lockets. I'm not upset, because DUH!!!!! Heart lockets coming back to store? I wouldn't cry my heart out if it were headdress or other rare stuff coming back (I have a headdress, non-rare XD)! I wonder how many people will be disappointed if rare spikes come back :P. Yay! Heart Earmuffins! *Dashes away to buy one* Backie! The heart part could've been fluffy like the jamaaliday earmuffins =). I <3 calling zem earmuffins, ehehehehehe! LOL I sound awkward XDD. True dat, jamaaliday earmuffins r already member. There should be non-member earmuffins, too. Split it. Be fair. BE FAIR JAMMERS!!! It's the opposite. Be fair jammings is fur trading, is a pillow fair 4 a spike? Nu. It's be fair AJHQ.

    I can't really SEE you tomorrow Cloudy, but maybe on Animal Jam :3. Plus I can't see you in real life, so uh YEAH. X3

    1. WHOA. I just read my comment and I sound really, really, really HYPER. O.O.

  7. I started to lose intrest in blogging to. For aj only my best buddies make it fun.

  8. I'm glad that rares return-it makes everything fair and the cycle smooth!


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