Sunday, 18 August 2013

Emu egg

Hey jammers! today's new item can be found at Outback imports and its
the Emu egg! 

great item! :D other than it being member only..
i would really like to see a nonmember item at Outback imports! >.<
only 1 nonmember item.. poor nonmembers :(

Anyway most people know there is a adventure
in the Base camp which is coming
it has a sigh of Cosmo..

What do you think the adventure will be like?
Will we get to meet Cosmo?
Will we get to free the koalas or something different?
Please share your ideas about what its going to be like!

Jam on!



  1. Maybe we'll have to plant plants...

    MythCat2907 aka Myth (I prefer it when peeps call me Myth)


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