Monday, 5 August 2013

Rare backpack

Hey jammers! sorry for not posting, meandchlo scammed my rare headdress and rare worn 4 days ago so i have been really upset and haven't felt like posting :,( please report meandchlo she is a horrible scammer. Anyway im not upset anymore and lets get on with the new items! ^-^

The Rare Item Monday of today is the Rare Backpack!

A bit pricey but nonmember! does anyone notice
that nonmember Rare Item Mondays are always pricey? DX
 Im getting a bit bored of a normal item with a special color every
rare item Monday =P

Anywho, yesterdays new item was a T-shirt yet again
but had just enough colour on it!

Nice and colourful ^.^ i would have preferred if AJHQ made
the pattern swirly ^_^

Jam on!
                                                 New art has been posted on River Art!



  1. First comment ^.^ I reported her a million times, I promise :)! The Rare Backpack has my favorite colors, so I bought it :3 every rare is a bit pricey but we can still buy them, right XD? (That doesn't mean fake pretending dat your poor and saying send me stuff, or wutever) The Tie-Dye Shirt looks cool =(^-^)=


  2. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN9 August 2013 at 01:02

    Hey ! Still trying to get u the headdress and im still finding a mummy glove DX my rare worn got scammed yesterday thought i got another one :)


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