Sunday, 15 February 2015

Random Wigs

Hello. c:
For some reason, we have 2 new items today. And all of them are wigs. :I
Let's start off with the first one.
I don't know what to say about this item. o.o
Because it's an unusual item to be on AJ.
Why is it here anyways? Maybe because of some sort of national holiday that my country doesn't celebrate so i have no idea about it?

Honestly, that happens a lot. :I

At least it's nonmemberr, i guess . . ?
The second one is the poofeh wig. (i just like to call it like that :P)
Very curly and poofy. :O
Still strange, because wigs  look slightly weird on animals.
They look poofy though. :3
very poofy :O

Meanwhile on the DE, AJHQ edited their post a little. ^.^

What is an aurora?

An aurora is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs in high altitudes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. These vibrant lights occur when solar wind from the sun clashes into the Earth’s atmosphere, making a brilliant spectacle.
Awesome! I love auroras. They look so green. And aqua. Like the ocean. 
Oh and that penguin that just got in front of the camera.
He's like, shaking is head like crazy. XD
Here's a random, but awesome trick for eating cupcakes.
Break off the bottom and put it on top of the creamy part. CUPCAKE SANDWICH! :D
Lastly, here's the QOTP! c:

What's your favorite land in Jamaa?
Bye for now!


  1. Hat and curly wig. For all the courtrooms in Animal Jam, because people like to imagine the person with a hair like that xD

    I think I like Crystal Sands the most. I dunno why o.o
    And also sarepia. It's fun to watch the nn powerplayers kill me 39 times and then say "Sorry? I was on brb."

  2. The curly wigs are for President's Day.

  3. Lol i've seen a video where they use the cupcake sandwich trick before. Also my favorite land in jamaa is kimbara outback because it has really cool songs that are not in stores. The outback imports is one of my favorite songs to.. The penguin in the aurora is cool! lol maybe one day auroras will be on AJ. I also agree with Ronen Jamaa that the wigs were sold for President's day tomorrow.

  4. Hey! The curly hat nd wigs are for Presidents day here in America Tommrow on Monday! - pinkjay2

  5. Auroras/Northern Lights are so magnificent and beautiful. c:
    The wigs are for Presidents' Day in the USA- which is tomorrow (so a national holiday). (Like they say above. ^^ ^-^)

  6. Today is National Flag Day in Canada^-^


  7. I know your in aust but you could of looked it up so yeah my favorite is sarepia forest and i hate cupcakes and PENGUIN LOOKS LIKE HE HOLDING A KNIFE AND IS GONNA DO SOMETHING!!!!

  8. sapperia because i like to roleplay alot and possibly zios cause it is just cool :)) XDD :DDD


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