Monday, 23 February 2015

RIM + Random doggies

Hello! C:
Today is Monday. *groan*
Tomorrow is Tuesday. (Better)
The day after is Wednesday. (Halfway through)
The day after the day is Thursday. (yess)
And then Friday. (YESSSS)
then Saturday and Sunday. (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA)
And then Monday again. *groan*
And it will go on like dat until the sun explodes.

Why did i end up talking about the days of the week? *facepaw*

Let's go back.

Today is Monday. And it's the RIM.
Why did they have to make the wig barf green? :I
Okay wait, nvm. That's not barf green. It's a slightly neon-ish slightly aqua sort of green. :3
But green is an umm, odd color choice. o.o
This item is under-used anyways so i don't think this rare is gonna be popular. And the fact that it's 750 gems makes more jammers not wanna buy it.
Like, 750 gems?!
Rating time. >:3
Price: 1/5
Creativity: 1/5
4 out of of 15, and this rare receives the title of the lowest rated rare i have rated until now. 
Maybe you have different thoughts on it. Dunno.
Sorry. I had to.
Check below the link for more!

Why am i posting random pictures of smiling dogs?

Anyways, here's yet another Diamond Challenge!
Greely Diamond Challenge 
Greely's chin just looks really, really big in the picture. o.o
(nu offense Greely)


Calm down Greely, it's only in this picture.



Hey, aren't the online safety thingies sort of outdated?
 Maybe AJHQ is gonna keep them for longer so we can learn more on how to stay safe! :3

But those facts are so obvious. Couldn't AJHQ have done a more helpful tip that isn't so obvious?

Also, the snow leopard take-over seems to be working.
Because snow leopards have recently gotten more popular!

Remember to be your snow leopard, so AJHQ can bring them back earlier. >:D
Wow, is this some sort of movement now? :I
If your a nonmember, then that's okay though. c:

Moooooovin onn you guys seem to be liking those Mini- Challenge thingies. :3
So today, there's . . 
Create an animal hybrid using parts from the animals in Jamaa!
What crazy creations will you end up with? >:3

Bye 4 now!


  1. .:|:.
    It's called the Snowarcticleopardfoxthingything. It apparently has the body of the fox, legs of a snow leopard and a tail of a arctic wolf. This is a very rare species and should be treated with caution since it has instincts of three predators combined. The end o.o

  2. i actually did something similar called frankenstuffies - where we raid a bin of plushie pieces, sew them together, and make something weird.

  3. Lol I like those random dogs. That is Funny. Also I have no idea what to make for a hybrid.. I'm also excited the snow leopards are becoming popular again.

  4. Can anyone buy me the rare? I will trade 3 pirate swords and a sewer. Thx

    My user is: QTAngel

  5. It's called the Wopardphin. It's half Snow leopard, Half Wolf and Half Dolphin. With the Snout and strength of the Wolf, the Dolphin's ability to swim And the Snow leopard's long tail and teeth, The Wopardphin Is a deadly hybrid you do NOT wanna Mess with. ):D

  6. The smiling dogs are creepy. Especially the 4th one. That one looks like a vampire-doggy. O-O

  7. Why? Why do u do dis Cloudclaws? Why must you encourage us to make franken-animals? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylolyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????????????

  8. I told every1 about your plan so MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  9. what does oblivion mean?

    1. ob·liv·i·on

      the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.

  10. My made up animal is inspired my Snowyclaw! (LOVE YA SNOWY, LOL, don't worry, I LOVE Cloudclaws too!) Anyway, my animal is called a Armored Horn-Howler,an animal with deer antlers and a wolf body! It's eyes are always white, and they all have black swirls as their patterns! It also wears a sword at all times.
    PLEASE buddy me on Animal Jam Cloudclaws, and Play Wild!
    (Blog address: Feel free to comment on there!


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