Monday, 16 February 2015

The 3rd Monday of Febraury. (which means RIM)

For once, i actually thought: Hey, today is RIM! When i logged onto AJ. :I
I never think about the RIM. Maybe because i don't really care about them.

But here's the RIM of the 3rd Monday of February. (Only one more Monday to go till March . . time flies/runs/sprints/whatever is a fast way of getting somewhere)
i<3 march yay
Im so excited for Autumn.
Im sick of summer. tooooooooo hot and sweaty. ugh. Also, i have to put sunscreen every time i go out when it's summer, or else my skin just gets really tanned.
We're getting a bit off-topic, aren't we? :P
So exciting omg

Nice colors i guess. Lemon yellow and pink look so pastel. :P
I like pastel colors. I like colors that go well together. :3
 But really AJHQ?
just stahp it.
Rating time. ^-^
Colors: 3/5
Creativity: 1/5
Price: 1/5
5 out of 15. Pretty unimpressive. But meh.
i don't rlly care
At least the colors are good. :3
If you want more, check below the link. ^.^
Well since you have clicked below now, i want to know something: Is clicked the link annoying? Or is it actually better?

cuz i don't wanna accidently annoy you. :c
I hate accidentally annoying people. Or if you where on animal jam, "I hat accidentally annoying people."

"Hat." lol (Or "haha" if i wasn't typing on the internet)
Ugh, we're getting off-topic again. -.-
Moving on, here's a banner-thingy i made for the blog! :3
 You can put it on your blog to advertise or something like that. ^-^
I will be making new designs of this by the way. :D
Anyways, here's something to think about! :3
Over the years, Liza was drawn in many different styles. What is your favorite so far, and why?

My opinions . .
3rd - Looked good, although a little too chubby. I like the way how it looks more like a normal animal avatar. :3
2nd - too skinny, too plastic-y looking . . Not one of my favorites, to be honest. :I Also, the eyes look creepy and glowing. (But just because i don't like something doesn't mean you have to either)
1st - I think this is the best one. Not too plasticy, not too chubby either. :3

Im also curious about what other jammers think, soo . . :3
Also, today i'll be doing something called a "mini challenge."
So here's the mini challenge of today!
Create a brand new land for Jamaa. Is it a forest, a desert, or mountains? How does it look like? Describe! :D


  1. The land is called amaya. it is a large taiga filled with grass to hide behind. There also is a statue of a crocodile in armor. There also is a shop covered in grass where you can buy plants for your den, as well as topairys.

    1. that shop is in Sarepia, it's called the Treetop Gardens

  2. My land is called Paws. It is a huge desert with a shop called Mayta. There is pawprints everywhere and you can get some in the game Tag.

  3. I decided 2 make a new aj and when i did.... I was SO SO SO SO SO SAD THEY MADE THE WELCOME THING BACK TO THE BOAT AND LIZA! >:( :'(

  4. I think the 1st Liza looks way better with the same reasons oOo


  5. ok my world is called cloudtop sky and it's in the sky above the water worlds. it has clouds and rainbow bridges and a game that's like chutes and ladders but with rainbow slides and cloud elevators. all jammers can go in this area, but there are a few areas for flying animals only.
    i like the latest liza.

  6. I agree that the first liza looks more chubby, and panda like, but the 2nd one is so unreal. It looks sort of like anime. Also my land would be named banyan or bonsai and it would be a rain forest. It would rain every once in a while. Also would have a shop that sells tree seeds.

  7. Hello! Can somebody please tell me how to contribute to this blog? Because I would really like to.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. You can contribute by reading the posts, commenting, following, and joining in contests and things like that. :3

  8. I would call that land the Jerano Jungle (Jerano is a made up name but all the land's names' are!). It would have trees to climb up, places to hide, and a shop called The Jungle Hut! I REALLY hope it IS made a land! Bye Jammers, and Bye Cloudclaws!

  9. My land is a desert called sapphire desert. It has a lot of cacti and also there is a statue of Mira and a eagle. There is also a shop with stuff like gems, a potted cactus, a fire pit and a mira statue. Jam on!

  10. My land is called The Golden Lake. It is a large island with mountains, caves and a huge lake that gives it its name. Its also famous for its beautiful crystals known as 'Alpha Crystals' which are nothing like Alpha stones. The Golden Lake is Jamaa's main water source :3


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