Monday, 17 June 2013

Anti voilence movement begins

hey jammers im sure you have seen someone say CLAWS EYES OUT NO DODGE NO MISS NO NOTHING while walking through jamaa. its annoying and voilent. voilence isn't good because LITTLE KIDS ARE PLAYING THIS GAME!! if little kids see too much voilence when they become bigger kids in the future they may be more into bloody voilent games not suitabale for them!

AJHQ says they have 24 hour moderation so why do people say all this horribale stuff and never get suspended?
 well i have no idea.

this is why i have decided to create a movement-the anti voilence movement
with options of many different patterns and a blood red colour on the colour palate 
people can easily fake being wounded and having blood on their pelts. some people
just pretend to be wounded because they like it! well think of seeing your own blood in real
life.. how would you feel? sick? worried? animal jam is a fun place to roleplay but many of these people roleplaying are roleplaying Warrior cats which becomes a problem..
i read warriors and love the books but their only ages 9+ and people under 9 are playing..
we have to spread the world to stop this all this voilence. even though not all of it may disappear we can make it much rarer! all this voilence is very common in crowded servers like aldan usually in sarepia. some people pretend to be demons just for fun! i don't get what they find "fun" about being a demon

we have to make AJHQ really listen
and spread the world, and tell AJHQ some ideas on how to stop
all this voilence there will always be bad people in the world
but we can still make it a rarer thing to see on animal jam.



  1. I'm 8 XD!!!!!!!!!!! I wuv Warriors :D! Umm... does this count as violent because I hit people with bacon... that's my special attack.. is that bad X3?

    1. i don't really think that counts unless you don't upset people..

      Btw i think warriors should be 8+ i started reading them when i was 8 as well and i understood every part =P (im a year older now)

    2. i agree they should monarate more but sometimes ppl do it to defend themselfs in role play like i am 8 and i know that be fair i AM in the hg (highly gifted) in rogers park (i found my preschool teacher there) and hi big 9 yr old i gonna be 9 in october

  2. ERMAHGERD XD! I found a jammer who said fighting ring in my den it will be epic!!!!!!! Luckily I caught her user HAHA XD! Her username is: cutepal

    1. In Sarepia Forest, I was checking as my fox (Dancing Spirit Fox) to see if there was any fighting! I found none at least :D!

    2. I checked everywhere fur fighting and each time I found no fighting I said clear :P!

  3. I agree, when I go to Sarapia Forest everyone is saying stuff like that... I love the Warriors series and I love role play, it my clan is at a den and we don't fight (since we are not accosiated with any other clans)! So yeah!

  4. Are we going to do something special to show them we care about stopping violence? Like a special color...

  5. X3 I found a scammer her username is:angelicarocks she reported me 5 times and blocked me she tried scamming people everywhere she said best trade wins my bow my bow is on my other user so please report her for scamming and reporting me for no reason

  6. Oh yes I totally agree with you. I am sick and tired of clan violence! I thought Jamaa was peaceful. And there are some kids that play AJ that are like maybe 5 years old, do we want them seeing that stuff? AJ probably wouldn't be trusted by parents anymore! I don't even think that is fair to AJHQ.

  7. It's kinda sad how violent people are on AJ now, especily as there are little kids playing!

  8. Clans are like gangs and what do gangs do in real life? They group up and fight. The idea of "hunting" is unnecessary due to there are foods scattered out through the game eg the hot chocolate and smoothie machine as well as foods at parties. Also I get the feeling these people aren't "kids" and are couple of teens :l


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