Monday, 3 November 2014

A guide to Jamaa #2: Is AJHQ really that unfair to nonmembers?

We have been having members-only animals, members-only adventures, and more for about six months now. It seems like everything is member these days, doesn't it? >.<
Okay, i admit that AJHQ is more unfair these days than before, but think about it, have you ever compared AJ to other games? For example, Club Penguin never has ANYTHING for nonmembers - in fact, AJ is fair compared to it. And there are tons of other games like this, too.

But wait a second, AJ has actually been making WAY more member stuff. So why is it, that after a while, games like AJ start making so many member things?

One issue is money. As the game grows, way more money is needed to run the game. The solution? Make more member stuff.
But what they DON'T see that there are better options which are less stressful for nonmembers.

Okay, no matter how much we want it, there will always be member stuff in AJ. But AJHQ is just stressing nonmembers out now by making everything member. They need a less stressful option, perhaps where nonmembers still get a bit of the feature. But one thing that really annoys me is the Night Of The Phantoms. Everything is member for like a whole month, which REALLY stressed the nonmembers out, i mean im a member and even I get stressed. -.-

AJHQ needs a solution where they still earn a bit of money without making the nonmembers feel left out of everything, don't you agree?
So, lets sum it up. 
* AJ is a bit more fair compared to some other games.
* AJHQ needs money to run the game, so we can't stop the member stuff.
* What AJHQ DOESN'T realize is that there are other options without making nonmembers feel left out or stressed.

The conclusion? AJHQ isn't SUPER unfair, but they could improve a little, don't you think?


  1. I know that AJHQ needs money to run the game, so a solution is that if you have siblings, you can share the membership with them. ^.^

  2. Well, I don't think AJHQ is that unfair. I'm pretty OK with with. Anyway, what do you think they need the money for? Brainstorm a little on this and see where AJHQ is heading to: Summer Camps, new iTunes music, apps, producing new items, and maybe even hire better technicians and people to keep their data safe from those hackers. See? I'm totally fine with it and I'm a non-member.

    1. AJ is sort've unfair. But, I wouldn't say their out of control with the nonmembers and members, but they seem not to notice it, but its true. Like I said, there needs to be a better variety for nonmembers. Like 50, or more new nonmember items. But right now, nonmembers feel left out (some) I mean, AJ's items rank against 99% member stuff, and 1% is nonmember things. Aj DOES need a bigger outlet for nonmembers. So, in conclusion, AJ does need to be fair Bye

  3. actually u have to be ember to lock ur den and I only get 1set of cloths the ENTIRE YEAR in cp

  4. ..... You cant lock your den if your nonmember?!

  5. i have a nonmember account and a random jammer came to my den.... i was able to lock it...............

  6. hi i know non members feel left out so every christmas i give betas to non members :)

  7. whats cloudclaws user on aj i want to buddy it

  8. whoever misses FP girl say Pie

  9. XD i could talk allll day and no one is answering :(

  10. Nonmembers should get a better variety. Most nonmembers don't have a wide variety like members. So, I think AJ needs to be fair, instead of letting Nonmembers not have anything

  11. AJ needs a better outlook on nonmembers. Some random jammer said
    "Against memberships, my den!" I think nonmembers need more items, but nonmembers can't blame it on members. I think that nonmember vs. memberships, everyone would choose members. But, nonmembers need at least 50 more new items. Hope you like my comment

  12. Secret again! (Love posting) But I need help! This happened more than a week ago, but I think undertraded someone. Her rare yellow short was on trade, and I traded her my green short and a worn and something else I forgot. But anyway, I forgot the user. And I was wondering if anyone could tell me it was a undertrade or not. Please reply soon!

  13. I think that was fine, but thats my opinion.

    And yeah, so maybe AJHQ is just a little to harsh. Just a little.

  14. I've been nonmember for over three years and it's just been getting worse and worse. At one point I almost quit AJ.

  15. they should do this:
    okay, so lets say on the shop there is a nonmember pirate sword
    for members, there should be something slightly cooler/better than the sword, like a dual sword or a sword with animation.
    Doing that for everything will enable nonmembers to have an appropriate amount of items, but members will have things that are just slightly better. Also, it would be ok if nonmembers still didn't have the color change option


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