Saturday, 8 November 2014

A guide to Jamaa #3: Avoiding scammers

Yup, scammers. They seem to be everywhere. >.<
You can't get rid of them, but they can be avoided! So that's why im posting what scamming is, and the methods of scamming.

A basic definition of scamming is where a jammer promises an item in exchange for another item, but instead you do not get the item you wanted and the scammer runs off with your rare. It's actually some form of stealing.

So now we know what scamming is, let's look at the methods of scamming! :3
Method 1: Send me ___ and i'll send you back a ___!
This is the most common method of scamming used, and is unfortunately effective towards unsuspecting jammers. :c
Usually, something along the lines of "Send me a worn and i'll send you back a rare spike!" will be said, but most jammers use a more effective way where they first say "come to my den for a bow and arrow" or another rare, etc. Then, after the jammer goes to it's den, he/she says "Send me things, best gift will get the bow and arrow!" Some will add "If you don't, win your items will be given back!" Which is, usually, and sadly a lie. DX
So remember, if there's ANYTHING involving sending, then don't get involved in it because they're usually scamming. That's why the trade system was invented! ^-^
But, scammers have inventing another way of scamming.. with trade!
It's usually "Trade me founders hat for necklace and i will send you spike!"
So, don't trade unless you can trade for the actual item!
Method 2: I decline everything!
In my opinion, this is actually a stupid way of scamming. :I
Usually, jammers are like: O rlly? And then end up trading something super rare to challenge them, aand bam! They accept. But don't be ashamed if you have been in this situation, we do learn through mistakes don't we? c:

Method 3: "Flash" trading
Anyone saw someone advertising flash trading at their den? I have. Tons of times.
It's like normal trading, but the trick is, that they have to trade something rare for a necklace, and before the other person can accept, the jammer trading the rare item has to decline. Because of this, AJHQ has programmed the "accept" button to appear after a few seconds, but who knows? AJ could still glitch out and then suddenly, you traded a non-rare headdress for a common nonmember necklace.

Method 4: I work at AJHQ
This is a rarer, but still a common and extremely effective scamming method. Scammers will act super nice to victims at first, then tell them they work at AJHQ and then kindly ask them if they would be able to send [Insert rare item here] because there's a bug related to the item, and they need to fix it.
Okay, first of all if they where a member of AJHQ they would have a special name tag or something, right? And also, it's their OWN game, why would they need a jammer to send them an item? 
A few scammers also scare victims saying: "SEND ME A RARE HEADDRESS OR MY DAD WILL BAN YOU CUZ HE WORKS AT AJHQ" 
Okay, why would an AJHQ worker ban someone for not sending an item? :I
And that's about most of the common scamming methods. ^-^
I hoped this helped, and what other tips do you recommend for avoiding scammers?


  1. Wow, that was really helpful! Well, actually, i knew most of this and it is yeah, pretty stupid. I'm sure this was helpful for other jammers though


  2. Nice scamming explanations and how to avoid them.

    So many scammers... Sgcjurhcuihdujgetihwtu D:<

  3. Thanks, that was very helpful! Well, actually, I knew most of that but im sure its helpful to others

  4. :) i've never been scammed because i follow rules like this. thx for posting!

  5. my new aj blog is here: it's very new!

  6. Check out his AMAZING blog it is soo cool better than this blog ( sorry cloudclaws but this time you've been beaten)

    1. UGH this guy who made the blog copied of cloudclaws!! the name is the same and it had the same GIFs she posted and the same welcome message

  7. Don't forget trust trade!I watch scammers


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