Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Weird JAG glitch & Salon Magazine Table

Hey guys! ^-^
So, it was a pretty normal day, i logged onto AJ. "One new Jam-a-gram, yay!" So i clicked it, then a glitched up JAG pooped up with the text "thanks for playing with me!", then i was like: Oh gawd, is fman real? So i clicked the gift, and then . . 
I was like: Oh, okay thanks then clicked "ok" but then i couldn't get out, so i closed the tab logged into AJ again then this "World error" thingy popped up, so i decided to try again and then everything was back to normal.

So now im like: What just happened. o_O
But anyways, the new item is the new item is the Salon Magazine Table! ^o^
Im slightly started to get bored of all these salon thingies, cuz most of them are tables and stuff and they're also membe- waitwhat? DIS IS NONMEMBER! :D
YESHHH AJHQ made up for making the string of leaves member! ^_^
Woow, i only got like 4 mins to post. o.o
So anywho, you know all those super-large, new dens?
They are SUPER confusing at first, but you get used to them. :3
Decorating them is difficult sometimes though. DX
So i guess the QOTP  is . . 
What do you think about the new dens so far?
Bye for now jammers! :3
P.S mesha336,  Please stop copying my blog pages. I know you changed the blog URL, but the writing is still the same, if this continues any longer i will have to take further action.


  1. I think they're weird...:3 Cause the thing is that we need to put sooooo many items in...and yeah ^-^


    1. Why don't you accuse her that she is weird! She is NOT weird! She is my best buddy and CLOUDCLAWS AND YOU WHAT YOU GUYS SAID IS MAKING HER CRY 'CAUSE SHE DIDN'T DO IT!!! SO WHY DON'T YOU MEET HER BEFORE YOU SAY LIES ABOUT HER!!!

    2. Anon, i think Mitchy meant the DENS not Mesha.

  2. Be NICE cloudclaws. I LOOKED ON HER BLOG AND IT WAS BETTER THAN YOURS. Why you accuse her? Now every one will know that your mean. And if you say she is weird then you should meet her on animal jam. i'm reporting you cloudclaws i'm posting this for a post on snowyclaw's blog i post there and now everyone will know your mean!

    1. What is going on?

      And don't spread rumors, she's nice. I'm sure you don't post on that blog.

      Besides, the AJ spirit is for daily stuff, not "OMG drama"

      Even if she is mean, YOU are also being mean, because posting to the world on a very popular blog about how you hate someone is also hurting their feelings.

    2. Umm......

      Cloudclaws is mean? Are you serious? No... Just no. -.-
      You're being the more "mean" one. You copy Cloud's pages, and she calmly and maturely asks you to stop it. And then you say immaturely how the copier's blog is better than where the original is from (this blog).
      And when has Cloud ever been mean? Saying to not copy =/= (does NOT equal) being "mean". And reporting her for what exactly? In my opinion, Cloud's actually nicer than Snowy. And no. We're not buddies or anything.
      These comments by you above just seem so immature...

      So ya.....

    3. Oh. I agree with GoldCobra's comment. ^^

    4. Anon, i am NOT being mean. Mesha336 had copied my blog, you might think her's it better but she still copied. I asked her kindly to stop, and i don't think mesha336 is weird or anything.

  3. WOW she even got some of your GIFS cloudclaws!

    1. she might... after all those gifs are all over the place

  4. i'm not sure who's side to take in this but, i'm more capible of being a supporter of cloudclaws.

  5. Whoa... That JAG incident is creepy. O.O

    Is AJHQ pretending to be like Fman? O_O

  6. Cloudclaws, I completely agree with you. Mesha336 is completely copying you. The same name( animal jam river ) and the part where it says "updates, mysteries, alphas, and much more! -mesha336"
    But the pictures aren't the same. She even made the web address her username. Yours is bunny02206.blogspot.com and hers is mesha336.blogspot.com. She does all the same posts as you, too. If she had her own blog, why would she look on yours? To copy it. But do you know why she is copying you? It is because she looks up to you. She loves how you are nice to everyone and she loves the way you make your blog and your posts. You inspire people Cloudclaws, especially her. Not trying to start anything but, I think you could be nicer to her, I know you were kind when asking for ger to stop, but she was just inspired by you.

  7. Who cares if she's copying you? Oh my gosh just forget about it. People still come to your blog, right? So just drop it! You're seriously getting mad over HANDWRITING?!! Wow, I sure had a good laugh after reading that! You think that everything has to be perfect and you you can't have people copying you. LOL!! Understand this: You👇. Need👋. To✌. Chill🎧. Out👈👈👈👈👈.

    1. Um ya. Copying something in print from somebody else is a little something called plagiarism. It's illegal. :/ but I do agree with you that this shouldn't be a really big deal.

  8. Cloudclaws is right COPYING IS AGAINST THE LAW SO IT'S NOT AN O WELL!!!!!!!!!

  9. Guys, stop this. This is NOT plagiarism. She added her own words? what do you think cloudclaws? maybe instead of telling the world just tell her through e-mail. at the bottom of the blog you can send her an e-mail and just talk through there. Just saying its not nice to announce this in front of the whole world. You are making people take sides when you could just talk to her privately. Take my advice please. And a message to everyone else: DROP IT. Thank you!

  10. Oh.. I thought she copied everything, not just that one thing. It's just that I've recently seen lots of copying/plagiarism on other sites. Not good.. And besides the thing she copied, the rest of her blog is still pretty cool. I really am sorry if I made this into a bigger deal without knowing the whole situation. (Yeah, I'm the other comment about plagiarism up there) yeah, just had to comment this. After reading the other comment right above, it made me feel kinda guilty about accusing her of plagiarizing everything. sorry

  11. On Mesha's blog, the front banner even says "The animal jam RIVER" :I


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