Friday, 7 November 2014


Hey guys! :D Autumn is here! (Or spring, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. c:)
Jamaa Township has turned into a lovely shade of orange. ^-^
Did chu know that Autumn is my favorite season? :3
And the best part is that Mira is back! :D
Why does Mira have to leave Jamaa in the Night Of The Phantoms? :c
I guess it does had an extra spooky effect. >:3
Anywho, no idea what the new item is so im just gonna show all of the salon stuff. xD
Im fine with the other stuff, but wigs, on HUMAN shaped models? :I
Okay, i doubt any animal in Jamaa has ever seen a human. xD
So why make it human shaped? >.<
Buuut, it would have been super cool if the models came in lots of animals, like whenever you click the "change colour" button you get  a different animal each time. ^-^

Also, it really bugs me that nonmembers only get the "salon broom" which is, basically, a broom.
Wow, this post is just . . ermmm, random. o-o
Speaking of random stuff, i found another eagle hideout in the Sky Kingdom. ^-^
 Just a random floating island that does not obey the laws of physics, perfectly normal . . 
 I feel like im playing a platforming game. o.O
Well, this post is getting super random now. xD
But now, i have run out of things to post, so im just gonna post the DE. :P
 That's some great advice there! :D 
I better get my winter costume for my animal ready. ^-^
Sometimes i feel weird though, because in real life it's spring here. xD
That's all for now! Bye. ^.^

Nah, not really. Here's a random cute GIF for extra cuteness. xD

Goober doesn’t want to close his mouth.
Ok, bye for REAL now. C:


  1. Woow zero comments, not including mine..
    Anyways, the floating island hideout is cool and i agree tht is some good advice ;) the gif is relly cute too!

  2. Wow. We non-members get a broom and a dustpan? How sad is that!
    (answer: very sad.)

    1. I know D:
      It would be better if the broom was all fancy schmancy but it's just a basic broom. And why is the handle all knobbly and wonky? :I

  3. did any of you realize that the string of leaves is now members?

    1. I noticed, and I have a huge rant about how mad I am about that. I WANTED THAT >_<

    2. Okay. AJHQ makes an item nonmember and THEN makes it member. Seriously?! What about the nonmembers who brought that item, and now they can't use it? -.-

    3. Ok. There's a huge post all about this on my blog. But anyways, I'm still a nonmember. And the item stays in my den, even though it's members-only. And when I clicked on it when it's in my den inventory, the members-only advertisement banner thing shows up automatically. (You know.. The members-only features things that pop up when nonmembers try to do a members-only feature. Ya..)

      I was pretty angry. xD

  4. That dog looks so sweet with that pink flower! :3



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