Friday, 28 November 2014

Animals of Jamaa: Polar bears

Hey everyone! ^-^
The bonus post is an Animals Of Jamaa post!
Polar bears are a uncommon members-only animal which are sold in the diamond shop. They're the second Diamond Shop animal to be able to explore both underwater and land, after otters. Polar bears are much larger and bulkier than the other animals. The default look is pretty simple - Arctic white with a slightly darker underbelly. It was hinted to come October 23rd, 2014. When released - on November 20th, 2014 it wasn't as popular as the previous new animals, mainly because it was in the Diamond Shop.
There is a short video based on them.
Right now, polar bears do not have a Alpha, however it may be coming much later.
Fun facts!
1. Polar bear hairs are see-through, the reason it looks white is because of the sun reflecting off it. 
2. Another interesting fact about their color - their skin is actually black!
3. There's a polar bear/grizzly bear hybrid called a prizzly bear, or a grolar bear.
4. They have two layers of fur.
5. Polar bears have existed as a species for about 600,000 years. 


  1. Those facts are cool, even if I knew the most interesting one already, the black skin one. Cool xtra post overall, I must say.

  2. Very cool too, I didn't know polar bears were so amazing...


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