Saturday, 29 November 2014

Snowflake Boots

Hey everyone! ^-^
The new item iss . . 
*Looks at jam-mart furniture*
Nope. *Looks at jam-mart clothing* 
Nooooope. I guess the third most possible place is the Shiver Shoppe. c:
oooh yes i was right
Are these a returning item? Or not . . I don't remember these. I think they are . . ? 
Who knows? o.o
I don't.
But im gonna buy them anyways. :P
Now im even MORE cozy! ^-^
 I was already warm anyway, But lets wear winter stuff cuz it looks cute yaay
But wait . . 
Wait, those boots where 450 gems?! o_O
But i can always play falling phantoms i guess. x3
Anywho, i decided to look at my achievements for no reason at all and, what?!
When . . When did this all happen? :O
Moving on, don't you think that the den shop is sorta, uhhh
 Useless? Because you can just buy dens when you go to your den. xD
I wish Coral Corner was still here, even though i wasn't here during the betta days. :c
It sold good stuff. :D
Meh, i have nothing to post about anymore. :T
If you want more, go here.
Bye! c:


  1. I wish I knew about AJ in 2010, I didn't learn about it till May 2013!

  2. I learned about it around the same time, dont feel alone! Also, I totally agree with the den shop thing Jammers aren't just gonna walk around Coral Canyons and say, " Hey, I wanna buy a den!" Proves my point.

  3. The winter boots are a returning item! I think they should make new winter items for winter and keep some returning items!

  4. Minuette isn't logged in29 November 2014 at 07:27

    The color me rad appears every single time you change your color. Random glitch, right?

  5. Replies
    1. Yep. The Snow Boots (today's 'new' item) is a returning item. It was a winter item that was first sold last year. c:

    2. Just in case anyone was confused. ^-^

      - reads comments above -

      Uh... -face palm- Violet already said that.

      Excuse my awkward comments of cutepuppiness! ;o;


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