Saturday, 1 November 2014

Phantom Throne, Fashion show winners and random video.

Hai jammers! c:
I can't believe it's November. And already going above 30C degrees were i live. :I
I guess it's almost summer, riight? o-o
But today was too hot to survive though.
Anywho, to celebrate November, the Topaz Birthstone is now on sale in Epic Wonders! :3
I love how topaz comes in so many colors. ^.^
But orange is the best, of course. That's why AJHQ used orange. Or maybe it's because it's autumn where they live.
Who knows?
I like the use of the rectangular border. :3
My birthstone is the Aquamarine. c:
I also randomly found another new item in the clothing shop of epic wonders, the Epic Phantom Throne!
It's just a bunch of pipes and pieces of metal stuck together, but yes it does look very epic which is probably why it's called the epic phantom throne. :P
Anyone noticed that most of these "epic" items are sold in epic wonders?
And is it possible for me to stop using the word "epic"
Maybe it is.
Anywho, i haven't had one of these for a while so here's the Item Feauture on Neon Bows! c:

The neon bows are a much rarer colored version of the nonmember bow and arrow. They are uncommon like the magenta bows and are highly demanded, only a few jammers compared to the population of Jamaa have these. The neon bow is now available in the Forgotten Desert.
And to liven up my post, here's this random spoof video thingy i made.
No idea why i made this. :I

And lastly, the winners of the Fashion Show! :D
The voted where very close, but Blossom Magicgem won! Flora quietcat came second. ^-^
Great job both of you! You'll be getting your prizes tomorrow. :3
Bye for now!


  1. OMG THIS IS AMAZING THE FOR SUPPORTING PPL IN SO HAPPY FIRST! Since I'm a good sport too, congrats to Flora Quietcat as well.

  2. eh at least i didn't end up in 3rd or 4th

    - Flora Quietcat

    1. Great job both of you! You will be getting your prizes now. c:

  3. I'm aquamarine too! ^o^ It's snowing for us for some reason...XD and it's November too...another reason is cause I'm in Canada :3


  4. Wow. That was quite some video there.. o-o

    @ 1st two commenters on this post o3o:
    Congrats on getting 1st and 2nd on the fashion show! Congrats. :)

  5. I cant watch it :( my mom said no

    1. why not it isnt innapropriate

    2. my mom just wont even watch it first lawl :0


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