Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fall Wreath

Hey guys! ^-^
I don't have much time today, only about 10 minuets to post. Since Autumn is coming (or summer for me) :I the Fall Wreath is now being sold in Jam-Mart Furniture! :D
I just realized it's nonmember which is super cool because it sorta looks like a member item to me and the price is really really cheap aaaand it looks cool too.
*throws confetti in air in celebration of a NEW nonmember item* C:
The night of the phantoms has ended, which means the nonmember items have RETURNED! YAAAAY :D
Also, i searched up Fall Wreath on Google Images and they exist. :3
AJHQ could have made it all pretty like that with berries and stuff. >w<
Another type of Autumn Wreath, but this time with pumpkins! :D
These all look so pretty c:
Okay, i seriously do not know what else i should post next, but anyone notice these pretty drawings? :D

Every time i go there, i just try to make out what the drawings are. One of the drawings is of Liza, The panda alpha. What other drawings can you see? ^-^
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What's your favorite shop in Animal Jam?


  1. Firsties! That wreath is SUPER MEGA CUTE, but super mega tiny when u put it in a den. Still made an adorkable fall den, because i can just DO that kinda stuff. lolz, no idea why i commented I had nothing to say

  2. CUTE and I like epic wonders shineyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'm a Libra so......ya. NEED THIS!!! oh! and can u add to the fun stuff padge?

  3. I love the new item! Totally buying it!

    Hmmm.... Here's a list of all the drawings I see in that picture.
    - A sun
    - A waving tiger
    - The smiley emotion
    - Planet Earth
    - A forest scenery (coniferous trees)


  4. Can you show me the different colors please? and if there is a black one I WAN IT! me Crabler!


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