Friday, 21 November 2014

Vegetable Basket & New costumes

Hiya jammers! ^-^
The new item is the Vegetable Basket, sold in Jam-Mart Furniture!
WAAAIT a second! Isn't tomato meant to be a fruit?
Or is it a vegetable . .? *sobs* Im confused now. ;-;
But it's still a nice item though. If you click the color change button, you can also have other vegs in the basket. ^o^
Earlier today, i received this message from AJHQ . .
Check below for more!

When i first say that i suddenly got creeped out and started making up weird thoughts like "What if AJHQ decides to ban my account for now reason? Permanently?!"
But then i was like: That was a weird thought. o.o
Also, i got ANOTHER message . . 
 *sigh* Which reminds me that it's gonna be 39C (102F) on Sunday where i live. =-=
That's WAAY too hot. I wish i could just suddenly move to somewhere snowy & cold for a day then go back yay :D
Also, about the new costume i dunno if i should do the patches  . . 
Or no patches:
Or should i just stick the the old costume?
Bye for now! ^o^


  1. old coustume

  2. Omg cloudclaws was the one who scammed me! Please report her!

    1. Im probably not gonna get banned anyway because AJHQ only bans people who ACTUALLY did it . . :I

    2. Yes, and, WHY the world would I report my number 1 idol? And besides, who even KNOWS if your lying? (Everyone does.) So, what do you say, you stop acting like a noob, and actually grow up? And yes, AJHQ bans people who actually DID scam. :coughs loudly: Heh, actually, that seems wrong. Lemme fix it C: AJHQ bans MOST people who actually DID scam. :) that's it! (its late but meh)

  3. Cloudclaws, how can I get more people to go to my blog? I tried advertising, but people are getting annoyed by me now. Can you help me?

    1. Maybe you need to stop advertising a little, just let things settle down on their own, you know? When i first started blogging, i expecting viewers and commenters to instantly come, but unfortunately it's not like that. You'll gain much more pageviews soon. :)
      You can tell your buddies about your new blog if you haven't.

    2. Thanks so much! You are so nice to help me out! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  4. I freaked out when the Maitenence thingy came up, too.

  5. Tomatoes ARE a fruit. Has AJHQ racked and rotten their mined?! +_+

    (They're also ADULTS!)

    It's a bit dumb for them to think that.


  6. Derp.
    :3 Listening to Taylor Swift YAY C:
    I'm gonna update my blog now, BYE


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