Saturday, 22 November 2014

Peck's story

Hey everyone! :D
I decided to do a new version of peck's story. c:
Hope you enjoy!
Chapter one
Peck woke up, letting out an enormous yawn. Another wonderful spring day.. She thought. Leaping out of bed, she hopped outside but to her disappointment, dark gloomy rainclouds filled the air. There's probably gonna be a thunderstorm soon . .
Peck frowned and went back to her burrow. I guess i could explore things in the basement. She took a flashlight with her, and went straight downstairs. The basement was spooky and dark, but it was full of interesting stuff. Peck liked to imagine she was an explorer in a huge cave.

Perhaps i can find some cool things today . . Last time i went i found none.
She shone her flashlight here and there,  but she found nothing that caught her attention. Her stomach growled, then she realized - I forgot breakfast!

She quickly hopped up. "Peck! Where have you been?" Said Jake, a brown rabbit with a cream underbelly who was also Peck's father.

"Oh, just exploring the basement and stuff." She replied.
"You know, there's nothing in there, just a bunch of old furniture. I can't understand why you like exploring there, but anyway let's eat some breakfast now - im starving!" Jake said.

Bunch of old furniture, eh? Peck though to herself. No matter what i say, they still don't believe that there's tons of cool inventions there that someone invented.
But she didn't care what the others thought anyway. She could smell some delicious fried asparagus coming from the living room.

Chapter two
She gobbled up her breakfast quite quickly, but after she got full she didn't feel like exploring anymore. I wonder if the skies have cleared up now. She wondered. As Peck went outside, an explosion of wind hit her face. The clouds had grown heavier and darker, and the wind was blowing ferociously. Suddenly, there was a loud crackle of thunder, when hit a nearby tree. Peck let out an ear-splitting scream as the tree begun to fall down on the burrow. She ran down, screaming "Get down to the basement everyone!"

The burrow was collapsing on them. the 3 rabbits - Peck, Jake and Cherry (Peck's mother) where running furiously. The roof of the basement started shaking, but then thankfully stopping. However, they all knew they had to escape, or the basement would collapse too. 

Peck turned on her flashlight looking for any objects to help. She noticed a stick - a plain old stick, however something was leading Peck right to it. She wanted to search for a more helpful thing, but she just kept going. Without thinking, she grabbed the stick and it instantly turned into a purple paintbrush which glowed and sparkled in the darkness.
 Peck's mouth dropped wide with surprise. Jake and Cherry was staring at the paintbrush in amazement too. Peck flicked a splat of paint, it instantly turned into black and turned into a vortex - it's force was strong but not too strong.

 The vortex faded away, and all that was left was a long tunnel. It must have carved out an escape! she thought. Without another word, the rabbits all entered the tunnel.

By the time they got there, the storm had stopped although there was still gray rainclouds which loomed above them. Peck let out another splat of paint, this time it turned blue and landed on a green patch of grass - turning into a huge, beautiful blue bird who was made of flames.

Chapter three

"W-what are you?" Peck stammered.
"I am Mira, the Goddess of Jamaa. The reason that stick turned into a paintbrush was because you where the chosen one, you had powers all along but you never realized. Jamaa is a land of animals, including bunnies like you. But they need a leader, and the second phantom war is starting.
"Okaay . . but what are phantoms . . ?" She said.
Mira turned her head away for a moment, remembering a painful memory. Then she looked at Peck with her piercing blue eyes. 
" The phantoms are creatures made of darkness and shadows. They only seek to destroy Jamaa. If the land is to survive, we need you.  "
"But . . what about my family?" 
" Don't worry, you'll see each other soon. Are you ready to go?"
Peck looked back at her family. They all came together and hugged, knowing this will be the last time they'll ever see each other for a long time. 
Peck waved goodbye as Mira took her under her wing, and then they both disappeared into mist.

Peck opened her raspberry-pink eyes. She was in a coral-red canyon. On her right, there was a small house. Curious, she hopped towards it and inside was quite cozy, it had all sorts of art supplies, easels and canvases. I guess this is my home now . . She thought happily.
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Awesome! I love this story!
    Also do you mind if I copy any of it?

    1. Nope, you can't copy any of the things i wrote on the blog. Im fine with the pictures though as long as you give credit. But if you're planning on writing a story too, im sure it'll turn out great! ^-^

  2. OMG i love this story better then the real one :D

  3. Yeah! I think Cloud that you spelled Jake, then Jack.


  4. That. Was. AWESOME!!! PLEASE make a part two!!!!!!

    1. There won't be any part too, but i'll be making more stories soon. :D

  5. cloud did u know u can get the twists and turns music in the diamond shop?

  6. Chapter One

    The sun filtered through the long green kelp surrounding the cave entrance.
    Tavie's tail fin twitched. She opened an eye and let out a massive yawn. "Nice day today.." She thought. Perfect for a little swim and exploring.

    She got out of her bed, and grabbed her prosthetic tailfin with her flipper and popped it on. She swayed her tail back and fourth to test it. It seemed to be working fine, but let out a loud creeeaaak.

    "My fin is getting old . . Graham said he'll give me a new one just at noon." Tavie thought.
    "It's ages since noon though . . what about some nice breakfast and a swim?"
    Chapter two
    The "little" swim turned out to be a very big swim.

    Tavie dived deeper and deeper.
    "It's so fun exploring the deep!" She happily thought, unaware of how much danger she was in.

    Tavie stopped to admire the jellyfish. She knew they weren't poisonous, and also looked quite nice floating in the ocean.

    Suddenly, she smelt something odd . . Something which smelt like oil. .

    A thick, black, oily substance was beginning to surround her. She stayed frozen with fear - the jellyfish might have not been harmful but this "oily" thing was. Tavie looked for a way out, but it was everywhere.
    Tavie waited for the oil to clear . .

    And waited . .

    Chapter Three

    Suddenly, phantoms shot out from nowhere. Tavie screamed both in fear and surprise. The black, tentacled creatures covered her in a net. "Hey! Let me out!" She shouted.

    The phantoms stood strong, firming their grip. Tavie wriggled and wriggled, and suddenly with a loud CLANK! her tail fin fell off, and flew straight through a gap in the net, one that Tavie had not seen before. "No! Now i cannot swim at all!" She exclaimed.

    The phantoms took her away, even deeper down to the phantom factory . . ~credit clouclaws


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