Monday, 10 November 2014

Rare ice sweater & String of leaves turned member!?

Hey guys! c:
Today ish Monday, first day of school DX
But, also the RIM! It's the Rare Sweater sold in the 9th page of something at Jam-Mart clothing. :3
Shirts always seem to look awkward sitting in stores, because they have such a big chest and a impossibly tiiny waist. xD
But once, on an animal, they look pretty neat. 
This is way too pricey for a sweater, but at least it's my favorite color, ice blue! ^-^
Lemme try it on my Arctic . . 
Anyways, most of you have noticed a difference about the string of leaves.
Check below the link for more!

See it? AJHQ changed it onto MEMBER. What about the nonmembers which had already brought this item? It would be a waste of gems! Real smart, AJHQ, reaaal smart. -.-

Could AJHQ have made it nonmember by accident? Cuz we all make mistakes and . . 

Im still mad anyways. -.-
But to cheer you up, more animal GIFs! yay!
 The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet 
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet 
 The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet 
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet 
Hope chu enjoyed :3
Lastly, here's the Video about the new adventure -  Twists and Turns!
Bye for now! ^-^


  1. I don't really like the rare- well, I don't like any sweaters/shirts.
    I'm nonmember, and I bought the String of Leaves when it was nonmember. But when it turned member, it's still in my den. o-O
    But it's really cool- I've got a member item in my den! Plus I love it. xD

    1. You can still keep it in your den if you're nonmember? That's cool. xP

    2. my best friend awesometiger00202 has the graham nesting dolls in her den and she is non member O.0

  2. i love the cute animal clips you have there XD and the video is helpful
    i think non members should keep there items, its like Aj is spoiling everything for them DX

  3. I don't like rare item mondays-unless their REAL rares. I mean, AJ just stamps on a RARE sign which isn't even a real rare, O,O. Sometimes they put real rares, but sometimes they don't. (Btw I bought the nonmember leaves and recycled them :3). AJ needs to bring back the nonmember version. See da in Aj

  4. I prefer hoodies over sweaters, though it's nice to cuddle up in one for the near holidays. Apparently those who had placed the string of leaves in their den at the time is was an all-Jammer item cannot remove it if they are a nonmember.

    I like it and dislike it. I like it because it makes up for the fact that I accidentally removed the nesting Graham doll, which was an all-Jammer items that became members-only. But I dislike that I can only keep the string of leaves in my den for the season, because I'm going to have to remove it because I change den items by the seasons.

    1. Same here.. I accidentaly removed my graham doll. What you could do is hide the leaves behind furniture. That's what I'm going to do.

    2. I own a den for every season, so I am okay with it


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