Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Umbrella holder & Salmander Gills

Hey everyone! ^-^
I find it strange that where most of you live, winter is coming but here it's boiling hot. o-o
I put like 50+ SPF sunscreen on today and my skin STILL got darker. :I
Anyways, today's new item is helpful in winter AND summer. :3
Helpful for blocking out the sun and blocking out the rain/snow/whatever. c:
Im glad that AJHQ has begun making so many nonmember items again. In October, they didn't get a nm item for almost a month. ಠ_ಠ 
The log has some awesome patterns, especially that tiger one and the feather/scale one. :3 
It's a shame that nonmembers can't change the colors though. ;-;
Check below the link for more!
Anywho, here's how the salamander gills looked like on an animal. xD
Still really weird. xD
I guess you can pretend to be an Axolotl or something.
They're cute. ≧ω≦
This is fake, but hilarious. xD
Ok, that's enough of random Axolotls. xD 
Well i guess now it's GIF time. :3
Dunno if this is fake or not, but still really cute. :3
And one more Axolotl one . . 
Okay, bye jammers! :D
P.S If you want more emotes click here!


  1. Axolot is one of my favourite animals now. Awwww. Wait, for a moment a thought the piano one was real XD. Yes! Umbrellas!!!!! I need a better one ^-^'

  2. Where I live, last summer is got up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but right now its 50...

  3. in summer here its 110 degrees now its like 21 degrees so yeah :I

  4. Hey guys! Please check out the newest post on

  5. Ahh I wish summer would return for me :l In summer it was over 100 degrees (wich is WAY more than usual for me I burnt up X_X) and today it was 12! I was so cold my nose turned blood red x.x I felt like Rudolph XD ~DogLover1230~

    1. Love to send presents to children? Are you a flying reindeer? Then come up north to the North Pole for sleigh flying tryouts! We hope to see you there!

  6. It's less than 15 degrees right now.



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