Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mop & Bucket

Hey everyone! :D
The new item is the Mop and Bucket, which is most likely sold in Jam-Mart Furniture, and if chu guessed that you are correct. :3
(How could to be a clothing item anyways? Like, imagine a wolf carrying a mop and a bucket on AJ. xD)
*Runs over to bucket*
*trips over bucket*
*spills soapy water everywhere*
*tries to dry it out with a mop*
*puts shoes on to not slip*
*slips again*
*walks upstairs and gives up*
*slips on the way up*

^ Why on earth did i ever type that?
 But it's much better than the salon broom, this one's all fancy and pritty and also nonmember. :D
  Anyways, a quick thing about the new animals these days . . 
A long time ago new animals used to be super exciting, or at least for me. But these days, it's become so frequent that i don't feel any excitement anymore . . Most of these animals are in the Diamond Shop as well. It just isn't fun anymore because you know it's gonna be in the diamond shop. I wish AJHQ would just create a nonmember animal for once too, or at least make one nonmember. They haven't made one for almost a year now. -.-

But you may agree or disagree with me, or have a completely different idea on this. c:
Moving on, i decided to change my costume to this: 
Im still deciding though, what do you think? ^-^
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What do you think about polar bears?
I think they are fat/fluffy and that jumpers look epic on them. xD


  1. When you click the mop, it looks as if it were doing a funny dance ^-^ The polar bears are so-so, they're diamonds...and most new animals are diamonds these days.


    1. I didn't even say first comment :P (That's what always happens)


    2. I feel the same way.
      They're nice and all, but DIAMONDS

  2. Well the polar bears just don't look like they have much effort put into them! Like if they were better looking I'd like them more!

  3. First of all, it has been more then a year.

    The last non member animal was the penguin being made non member in 2011.

    The last animal for gems was the deer.


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