Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sky Kingdom

Hi guys! :3
I was not expecting today was update day. o.o In fact, i forgot it was. :P
Let's begin with the first page. :3

It better be not in the diamond shop, it BETTER not b- 
*sees den at diamond shop*
Perfect. =-=
 But, i guess it deserves to be in the diamond shop cuz of this.
Now THIS. This is awesome.
But one problem though . . 
How am i meant to decorate such a large, confusing den? ;-;
Well, i guess i'll just leave it empty.
 And if you wanna see the den feel free to come to mine, it's unlocked. :3
Here's the new pets and stuff.
Yep, another diamond shop pet. It's cute, but in the diamond shop . . still cute . . super adorable . . 
I hope the polar bears aren't in the diamond shop. They BETTER not be, even though they probably will. *sigh*
Anywho, a new adventure is here! :3
Pretty awesome adventure, but ever since The Search For greely had come out, there has never been a "normal" adventure. Im starting to miss those. D:
But at least it's for NONMEMBERS! :D Finally!
Meanwhile, here's the new hair salon chest! :3
Lastly, here's a small adventure guide thingy for Twists and Turns. ^-^
You start off here . . 
And make your way to the maze.
That's the most confusing sign i have ever seen. o.O
So basically, you need matching keys to open the chests.
I will be making a video tomorrow of the adventure for a complete guide! ^-^
Bye for now! :D


  1. Woah, a new adventure?! That's awesome! I want to pet that lion soo bad. ITS ADORABLE.

  2. O,o What the whoa!!! Twists and turns? And mazes? On thanksgiving I was in a corn maze ^.^ we didn't complete it though


  3. OMG YES!!!!!! A ADVENTURE FOR NONMEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU AJHQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. love the den :T im gonna buy it soon since i have 5 diamonds 2 more.... CANT WAIT

  5. This Is kind of scary because yesterday I dreamt I was in a animated corn maze :0

  6. I went to your den, Cloudclaws. Tis a very nice den! ^•^
    What am I saying?! That den is so EPIC! *•*

  7. ������


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